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Hindi TV Serial – Bade Ache Lagte Hain – Finally Ram gets the property back

It took a lot of time and some amount of dragging of the serial before they showed how Ram finally managed to get the property back from Ayesha. The serial had initially shown that as part of the separation of Ram and Ayesha, he had told her that he would turn over his share of the property and business to Ayesha and he decided to continue like this for some time. However, the coming of the money combined with a high and mighty nature made Ayesha very arrogant. She had lost the support of her family, was treating Ram’s family like dirt, and hence, finally Ram had to threaten her that what he had done, he could undo and take the property back. She was a bit scared at this, but did not take any action to reverse her nature and continued to act arrogant. By this time it was also apparent that she was with Sid and was supporting him.
Ram decided that he could take advantage of this closeness to Sid, since there was a clause in her contract that if she did get married to somebody else, the property would revert back to Ram, since he did not want the family property and business to go to somebody else. Ram was banking on this clause of the contract to get back the property, and since Sid was in trouble now, he wanted to use this clause. They had manage to located Sid by tracking where Ayesha was going, and got him arrested by the police. Then Ram acted as the brother of Sid, wanting to get him free of his legal troubles while Priya acted as the tough one. So, Ram told Sid that he might get a better treatment in court if they could show him to be a family man with children, so his marriage to Ayesha was necessary.
The drama went on like this for some time, with all the family members getting involved as well. However, at some point, they had mentioned something in front of Kush, who told him mom, who figured out what was happening. Ayesha broke their dreams in dramatic fashion, by getting Sid arrested during their pheras and telling them that their plans are now over. Back to square one. However, Sid got their hopes up again by revealing that while they were once drunk, they had got married in a temple with the records of the temple and a witness. So they get in quest of the records and the witness. In the meantime, they again mention in front of Kush, who again goes to ask his mother, and so now a race starts.
Finally, they manage to get the witness to testify from her hospital bed, where she is waiting for delivery along with records, and with the judge threatening the temple priest, the truth is unveiled and the marriage is considered valid. The judge also announces that now the property is back in the name of Ram, leaving Ayesha with one weapon – her son Kush whom she decides to take away.

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