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Hindi TV Serial – Devon Ke Dev Mahadev – Jalandhar starts to get very arrogant

The serial was finally building to a confrontation between Mahadev and Jalandhar. So far Mahadev was not directly taking him on because of 2 prime reasons – first, since Jalandhar was created out of his own fire and anger, he wanted Parvathi to also have a role in whatever needed to happen. And this could not happen till she regained her memory, which is an ongoing quest of Mahadev and his sons. This time period is very close, with her getting into the final stage of her quest to get back her memory. She is ready to get back all the various powers that resided in her, and this is something that is not easy, since these are powerful and her ability to handle them in her amnesia is not clear. The second reason was that till now, the battle that Jalandhar was having with Indra was as a matter of justice for his mother who was killed by Indra. Similarly, since Jalandhar was the adopted son of the sea god, Narayan was not able to take any action against him, because Goddess Laskhmi was also a daughter of the sea lord, and she did not want Narayan to fight against Jalandhar when he was fighting for a wrong committed against him by Indra.
However, now that Jalandhar had defeated Indra and humiliated him, he was the unquestioned king and ruler of the whole world, the underworld and the heavens. This was making him arrogant, and since he was born of the anger of Siva, his anger and arrogance levels were high. So, this was what was used by Narad Muni to provoke him into showing off his arrogance and starting the trimurti to go against him. During the time when he was getting ready for coronation, Narada came to Jalandhar and provoked him by proclaiming his as the master of the 3 worlds, but not compared to the tridev, who are permanent while rulers like Jalandhar come and go.
This causes Jalandhar to become really provoked, and claim that he does not recognize any tridev, that his powers are incredible, and that nobody can oppose him. Narada again taunts Shukracharya about whether he revealed the birth origin of Jalandhar to him ? He provokes Jalandhar even more, and when Goddess Lakshmi goes to him near the sea to try and persuade him to be more peaceful against the gods now that he has taken his revenge, he talks bitterly and arrogantly to her as well. This ensures that Lakshmiji loses the sisterly feeling that she was feeling for Jalandhar, since he taunts her attempt to claim a relation with him.
During his coronation, he proclaims that he is all powerful and if there is somebody who can fight or challenge him, then that person should come in front of now. And that is the time for Mahadev to arrive there, since suddenly there is a lot of fog and Mahadev arrives there. People present there, including both Asuras and Devas bow before Mahadev but Jalandhar stares arrogantly and this is when Mahadev starts telling Jalandhar about his origin. This will be continued in the episode for today.

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