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Hindi TV Serial – Sasural Simar Ka – Roli dead in hospital ?

The serial has been showing the same kind of situations and same kind of villains for some time now. They defeat Veeru, he comes back again, they do it again, and he comes back again. And Khushi is now with them even though she continues to act against them and as a villain. In fact, the whole scene with Naina and her pretense that Siddharth was intimate with her and she is now carrying his baby is also being orchestrated by Khushi. The family was all set to get Siddharth married off to Naina, with the belief that the child needed to be given Sid’s name, and the marriage would be the best thing possible, especially since they believed that Roli was dead.
However, Simar did not really believe this, and continued with her struggle to find Roli. The problem was that Roli was in hospital, and her memory was gone, with her not being able to remember anything. Veeru was there, and was trying to convince Roli that he was with her, and since she did not remember anything (including the villanious role played by Veeru), she was not able to resist this. He finally managed to take her away from the hospital and in a house where he was getting ready to marry her. She had some traces of Simar, which Veeru explained to her that was because Simar was her sister-in-law and was the one responsible for getting her in the condition that she was in.
Finally Simar managed to trace her, and went there is a disguise. However, Roli recognized her as Simar, and based on what Veeru had told her, started screaming when she saw Simar. Simar tried to jog her memory, but it was not working. Simar had to go from there before Veeru came back, and just managed to escape him. She told everybody about seeing Roli, which stopped the quest to get Siddharth and Naina married; something which shocks Naina and Khushi, since their plan is now ruined.
Veeru in the meantime manages to take Roli from there, and takes her to a temple to get married. Simar reaches there and tries to stop the marriage; the overall situation gives the reminder to Roli to get her memory back, and she remembers everything. Veeru is shocked at this, and takes out his gun to shoot Simar and Roli gets in the way. She gets shot and Simar rushes her off to the hospital. However, she is in a very bad state, and after some more drama, the doctors tell her that Roli is in a very bad condition, and they can’t do anything about it.
Simar tries to get Roli out of this bad condition, but then the doctors told her that she was dead, and Simar is so horrified about what had happened that she fainted. Finally she came out of the faint and was prevented from going inside by the doctors. She also calls the family but does not know what to tell them other than the fact that she is in a hospital and tells them the name of the hospital.

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