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Hindi TV Serial – Bade Acche Lagte Hain – Priya feels jealous

After all the drama of the past few weeks, where there was a quest to get back the property from Ayesha (which finally succeeded after a number of attempts and quests, some of them foiled by Ayesha), the serial has taken a few days light while promoting the movie, Shootout at Wadla. And given the Balaji link between the serial and the movie, the link was there across multiple episodes.
So, Ram is told that he has to appear at a show where people will bid to have dinner with him, and he totally refuses. Totally, even when Priya tries all methods of persuasion, and the same when his family tries. Only when the quest is made by Pihu does he finally agree, and decides to come to the show. Vikram has also been persuaded for the same, and even Mamaji as well. The show is actually also a promotion for the movie, Shootout at Wadla, and with the presence of the stars of the movie, John Abraham and Tusshar Kapoor. So, there is some attempt shown for humour, since Tusshar Kapoor is showing as admiring Priya when Ram Kapoor is able to hear him and he gets very jealous on hearing this. At this, Tushar backtracks, and later Ram is discussing with Priya where she is making fun of him for making jealous of this, this after they already have a kid and are on the way to have another one.
And then the auction happens. They want to get Mamaji done with quickly, so Dadi makes a small bid for him and gets him down. The bid for Vikram fails since Priya and Neha have been discussing and the time gets over. However, when Ram comes for auction, Sophie comes there and starts bidding on contest with Priya and finally gives up and Sophie takes him away.
It is revealed that Priya was the one who had thought up this and had asked Sophie to get involved so that Ram would feel good, but she gets jealous when they are not back and is wondering where they are. They finally come there, and soon after, Priya speaks to him in a very jealous tone, and this is when Ram makes fun of her using the same words that she did.
Later, Mamaji is at the table at home and the others are making fun of him for supporting Ayesha when she calls up and scolds him for not telling her whatever is happening in the house. She forces him to say her name out, and he does it by slightly mangling it.

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