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Hindi TV Serial – Pyar Ka Dard Hai Meetha Meetha – Finally Adi learns about Pankhuri’s caretaker job

For quite some time now, Pankuri has been working in the Diwan mansion as a caretaker. She wants to ensure that there is some body who can take care of Nanaji, and also that there is some reform in the way that Rubel and Sheila operate. Once, when they are having a party for Anuj’s birthday, she takes care of all the arrangements, and it is pretty clear to Anuj that Pankhuri is the one who is looking after ensuring that everything is right for his birthday, while his own son Rubel and daughter-in-law Latika are not interested in doing anything for this. Avantika had refused to come, which made Sheila happy since she did not want Avantika to come, which will further move away Anuj away from Avantika. During the party, just before the cake cutting, a business partner of theirs come with the police since payments have not been made to him and he has made a case of cheating. Rubel was handling this account, but since Anuj’s name is there on the business, the warrant was in the name of Anuj. Pankhuri quickly calls Avantika, while Nanaji and Aditya try to stop the man and plead with him. And then Avantika comes up and does a reverse threat to the man and persuades him that he should withdraw his complaint. She and Anuj have a brother-sister moment; and Rubel accuses Avantika and Aditya of causing this moment in order to get the wealth. At this, Anuj slaps him, which is a big shock for him and for Sheila. After the party, Rubel is further provoked by Latika so that he is more on her side while Sheila is trying to speak to Anuj.
After this, Anuj is seen as somebody who is slowly moving to the positive side, to some extent though. He is seen as too much under the control of Sheila and Rubel (both of them are far more controlling than Anuj can be); and Rubel decides to do more in his own manner rather than listen to anybody. In the meantime, Aditya learns that Harish needs another operation and has to ask Rubel for more money; this is embarrassing, but there is no choice. Rubel does give him the money, but only if he comes to the Diwan mansion for a party that is being held there, and where Pankhuri is running the show. They of course want to ensure that Aditya learns that Pankhuri is the cartaker over there, and Adi is already a bit surprised about how he is seeing Pankhuri in the mansion all the time, even when she should not be there.
He comes to the mansion, and Pankhuri is scared that she would be seen by Aditya, but eventually, when she sees Aditya handling a set of glasses like a waiter, she stops him, and this is when Aditya learns that Pankhuri is working there as a caretaker. He gets very upset, and he can get very quickly angry.

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