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Hindi TV Serial – Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai – Big drama all around over Yash and over property division

So the serial is again going over a big round of drama, with tension between the family members over 2 different matters. One was about Yash, the adopted child of Mohit and Nandini. Since he was adopted, there was some tension about when they will tell him about this, and it was finally decided that after Yash gets to be old enough to understand, that is when he would be told. However, things go weird when Yash starts behaving strangely after coming back from Naitik’s house and not letting Mohit and Nandini to deal with him. Both of them are very angry since it is clear that he has learnt that he was adopted, and they blame Naitik for this. Mohit is very angry and scolds Naitik bitterly about this, blaming him for all this, since he has an anger and this anger could have made Yash learn about this. Naitik even goes to Mohit’s house to apologize again for this, but Mohit refuses to listen to anything further on this and asks Naitik to leave from there. However, Mohit does tell Nandini that they cannot break off relations with the rest of the family even if they are angry with Naitik and Akshara.
On the other side, Akshara is being handed a very difficult responsibility by Daddaji. He tells her that he wants her to decide on the division of the property, which is a very tricky part. She is one of the youngest in the family, and giving her such a responsibility means that even though there are many others who have more authority, she had to handle all issues that come with such decision making. Even her own mother-in-law Gayathri, who is prone to telling off Akshara for something or the other asks Akshara to be more careful.
Finally Akshara takes a decision, where a larger share is given to Nandini and Mohit, while a smaller share is given to Naitik and Rashmi. Rashmi does not like this, and tells her mother that she did not like why she was not asked about this (she would have willingly given a larger share to Nandini), and hence she did not like the fact that part of her share was given to Nandini. When Akshara hears about this, Gayathri also tells her off and reminds her that she had asked her to be more responsible for what she was expected to do, and not cause further divisions in the family. And then Rashmi also tells off Akshara about what she had done, and this causes more emotional turmoil to Akshara. Also, Mohit continues to tell off Naitik, saying that just because Naitik was guilty, he should not have given a larger share to Nandini as compensation.

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