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Hindi TV Serial – Devon Ke Dev Mahadev – Jalandhar learns about Parvathi, also confrontation with his guru

What is the sign of arrogance ? This is what Narada Guru had hoped to stoke when he provoked Jalandhar, and he managed to do so. In his provocation, and because of his arrogance, Jalandhar claimed that he was supreme, even Brahma, Vishnu and Mahadev could be defeated. This was the message that Mahadev expected, and when he had come to the coronation of Jalandhar, this is what he was expecting. Jalandhar wanted to know more about the weaknesses of Mahadev, and was not able to learn more about this from Shukracharya. He then learnt from a forever planning Indra that Shukracharya was also a devotee of Mahadev, and this increased his suspicions of Shukracharya, telling his own guru that this was the reason why he was not planning to reveal the secrets of Mahadev. He then starts meeting some gods to do further planning and also because he has no commander ever since his previous commander was killed by Indra. He finally pays some attention to Yamraj and makes him very happy, and eventually, although Yamraj does not want to fight against Mahadev, he makes him the commander of his army. Mahadev of course knows all about this.
During this time period, Parvathi also remembers more about her family. She had already remembered that she was married but did not remember her husband as yet (even with this, her mother was happy at this part of the memory coming back). She then remembers her children including Karthikeyan, although Ganesh is still wondering whether she will remember her form. During these stages, Mahadev in his original form would come in front of her to taunt her, which would make Parvathi angry and force her to actually do whatever her Guru wanted her to do. The final time however, she was not angry anymore, since she considered the presence of Mahadev as helping her and even asked for his apologies for speaking harshly.
Now, she was powerful enough to start accepting Adishakti and there is the merging of Adishakti with her again, with this power causing her to glow. But she still need to do meditation to get back her full memory, and as Mahadev tells everyone, they cannot tell her about this, she has to do this on her own. But this is going to be tough now; Jalandhar has learned from Samundra Dev about the power of Adishakti and her presence in the life of Mahadev, and also how Mahadev would probably not be able to kill him without the support of Parvathi. When Shukracharya learns about and the arrogant attitude of Jalandhar, he tells Jalandhar that he has stopped listening to his guru, who is trying to do what is best for Jalandhar.

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