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Hindi TV Serial – Bade Acche Lagte Hain – A college friend comes over, a past crush

The serial is still taking a brief respite from the high drama about ensuring that the property was taken back from Ayesha. That was a time of high drama, but things are now normal, waiting for the next high drama. The impending drama is about Karthik, who was away from home for a long time, out of the country. It looks like the next set of drama in the serial relates to Karthik having an extramarital affair, something which will be very shocking for Natasha and for the rest of the family. So, he would be having a drama with the lady who helped give testimony in court that Ayesha was married, who was pregnant, and who has just delivered a baby. Ayesha had gone to visit that lady and confront her for her testimony in court, but then she saw a video chat, and realized that she has suddenly seen something that gives her some power, something that will help her get revenge back on the family.
In the meantime, Ram runs into an old college flame in a shop, Isha Bajaj, and he invites her home. Given that Vikram was also besotted with her in college, he also invites Vikram over and tells Priya that he has invited a college friend over for dinner. Vikram tries to come to Ram’s house without Neha, and she gets from the information that Isha is coming over and she also wants to come over. So, now Isha is there in the house, with both Ram and Vikram also there with their wives, and both the wives are figuring out that their husbands were totally head over heels with this lady, and the situation is a bit comical. When she relates how somebody sent her a large amount of roses along with some stupid poetry, Vikram realizes that he was the one and acts a bit abashed. And then it’s the turn of Ram, since Isha points out that Ram had donated 3 units of blood in a college blood donation campaign and became a hero. Priya is astonished since Ram is scared of needles, and Pihu has also got the same property. So, both Ram and Vikram realize that their wives have got more information about their past, and it is getting a bit dangerous.
When it comes time for Isha to leave, both of them offer to drop her, and then realize that this will cause problems for their wives, and then offer that instead, their wives should be the ones to drop Isha home. On the other side, Karthik is going to come home, and Ayesha is going to start causing huge problems for him.

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