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Hindi TV Serial – Devon Ke Dev Mahadev – Jalandhar has his first direct confrontation with Mahadev and falls …

By this time, Jalandhar has set up his army again under the command of Yamraj, and has declared that he is not happy with just being the king of all 3 words, there is one word remaining, Brahmalok, which means a direct confrontation to the trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahadev. He refuses to accept the concept that anybody can be more powerful and decides to challenge all of them, and is very confident about his abilities. Also, ever since Samundra Dev told him that Mahadev would not able to kill him and that Parvathi does not yet have her full memory, he gets even more confident. Shukracharya was telling him that he should not go forward on this, but he refuses to listen to his own guru. In a response, Shukracharya stays away from his court, and Jalandhar tries to get him back.
Mahadev is also struggling with the final stages of getting back the memory of Parvathi. The first ever teaching of Yogic principles has taken Parvathi a long way, since she has managed to get back most of her powers and also remembers her children, but not yet remembering who her husband was. She is told by her guru to do meditation in a cave while there should not be any disturbance to her. Her children are told to ensure this.
Jalandhar is even told not to go ahead by Vrinda and he is getting angry at her about this, and says that he will not go back on his quest, that he has to become the lord and master of all he surveys; why should be listen to somebody telling him that he cannot do this, or that he has to accept Mahadev as his superior. So he reaches Bramhalok where vrinda tries to stop him and challenges Mahadev. However, Mahadev gets a bit angry at him and uses his Trishul to shake the base, which causes Mahadev to break through and start falling and he falls a long way. Once he reaches the ground, he finds it hard to get up. Mahadev tells Vrinda that Jalandhar will not stop, that he will keep on pushing ahead since that is his nature, but admires her devotion to her husband Jalandhar and tells her that she will become known for this.
When Jalandhar hits the ground, Shukracharya soon comes there, and when Vrinda comes over there, Jalandhar waves at her with this hand in a manner that she should stay away. He is obviously not happy that she did not apparently support her when he was trying to fight Mahadev.

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