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Hindi TV Serial – Punar Vivah – Finally Ishita is exposed in front of the family

For some time now, the serial has been showing the cunning behavior of Ishita. Ishita wants to have Yash with her, even though she is married to Akash. Now, Akash has been troubled for quite some time, always having the thought of revenge against the family, but over a period of time, the love provided by the family and the ability to give him whatever he wanted brought about a change in him. Now, he was fine and no longer wanted revenge, promising to become another family member. At the same time, with him having become normal, the need to have a normal life also came into him, which also included a normal family life with his wife. So, when he expresses these wishes to Ishita, she is panicked, and since she is in love with Yash, she tells Aksah that she cannot have the sort of relationship with him as he likes. He tells her that she should decide what she wants, and if she wants a divorce, then that is also fine and she should tell him about this within a day. This is now a schedule that Ishita would need to meet, and gives her very little time to get what she wants.
On the other side, in the house, Aarti has finally found that a dance who has come for a function is the same one who was there when Ayu was kidnapped and finally manages to get the information from her. This information is given by the dancer in front of Aarti and another family member, with the main fact being that it was Ishita who was behind all this. This is shocking to the family members, but there is also some belief that Ishita could do this.
On the other hand, Ishita is also trying to get Yash in a situation where he appears in a situation with no other choice but to finally accept Ishita. She accomplishes this by getting Yash drugged up in a glass of juice in a hotel, and then taking him to a room where he apparently will meet a detective who is trying to locate Ayu. She tries to get the shirt of Yash off, which will place him in a position where he would apparently have been intimate with Ishita, and to avoid further trouble, he would have to take Ishita as his wife. She is proceeding in this plan, but in the meantime, Aarti appears there (everything seems to happen in slow motion, since taking a shirt off should take much less time than having to reach the hotel in a car), and manages to stop Ishita. She stops Ishita further and gets information from her about where Ayu was taken, and when Ishita tries to stab Aarti with a knife, Yash stops her and gives her a resounding slap and quite clearly rejects her.
Now, it is clear that the baby which Pari has adopted is Ayu only, which places Pari in a very bad situation. Given that she cannot become a mother and has adopted Ayu, she has a high degree of emotional attachment with Ayu, but is persuaded to give back Ayu and also to be happy that finally Ayu has got back his mother. Aarti on the other hand gives the biggest surprise when she tells Pari that Ayu is her’s only, that Pari would be the mother who would have the baby.

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