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Hindi TV Serial – Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai – Finally the drama and tension gets resolved

The drama is ongoing in the house, and everybody is upset and tense. Nandini and Mohit are upset since their son has been told that he has been adopted even though it was decided that he will be told only when he is much older. Rashi is upset over the division of property since she feels that she should have been consulted about all this, and that it seems like Akshara was taking the decision about handing over a share of the property that would have come to her without consulting her (even though Daddaji had given the responsibility to Akshara and told her that he had complete faith in her and would support any decision that she took – further, she took this responsibility reluctantly, and it was finally told to her by Daddaji that he was not going to let her do anything for him unless she agreed).
In these cases, the reaction of her mother-in-law causes further problem for Akshara, since Gayathri told her to be very careful about what she did, thus adding the pressure on her. So, while Mohit has been very angry with Naitik and Akshara, refusing to even talk to them properly, Rashmi has been angry for other reasons. This puts a lot of pressure on Akshara and Naitik, since both of their relatives are very angry. However, events reach such a stage where Akshara starts crying in her room, especially when at another Teej prayer, Mohit and Nandini remain angry and do not talk.
However, things do get better when Gayathri and Bhabhi Maa realize that they were mistaken when they learn that Akshara had planned to withdraw jewelery from the lockers for the purpose of giving them to Rashmi. They realize that the intentions of Akshara was to give the family jewels to Rashmi, who had no need of the wealth of the family but was fond of the jewels, and that it was better to hand over the money to Nandini and Mohit who were not so rich, and needed the money more than either Naitik or Rashmi. They apologize to Akshara for their earlier attitude, and tell her that things will get better.
The next day, at a Pooja, at the sermon, the couple recite the story of Krishna and Sudama and this helps Mohit, Nandini and Rashmi to understand that they were getting angry at Naitik and Akshara for no reason, and things get better.
After things get better, Akshara suggests that a board of directors be setup for this purpose, and the other agree. On the other hand, Chikki is now supposed to come back to the house and meet Duggu after 5 years. Everybody is very excited, although there are some doubts about whether Naksh will become jealous of Chikki when she comes.

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