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Hindi TV Serial – Bade Acchle Lagte Hain – Photo shoot at home, while Karthik and Jhanvi ..

For any serial, there needs to be a twist to the take the serial ahead. In the serial, the earlier twist was the story of Ayesha becoming rich and powerful and how it was finally overcome when it was proved in court that Ayesha and Sid was married, and as per her original contract, the property and business would come back to Ram. This was what finally happened, and was very shocking to Ayesha, since that meant that everything that she had got rich over was all out of her name. Further, during the time that she was rich, it was clear that she had become very arrogant and treated the rest of the family very badly, so as soon the court had pronounced the judgment in favor of Ram, the family left no time in kicking her out of the house. At her parents house, she had already put off her dad very strongly, and hence there was no way for her to get any support from there. However, the fact that she held custody of her son was heart-breaking to Ram, and he had got Vikram to deal with this by getting an agreement with Ayesha whereby she would get money from Ram for support for her son, and of course, she also utilized this money for herself; but it was hard to do any control once the money was given to her.
On the other side, the new twist was about the relation between Karthik and Natasha. It was claimed that Karthik had been in Singapore all this time while Natasha had built up a business over here in terms of a boutique, but now there was confirmation that Karthik was having an affair, and this affair was with Jhanvi, the same lady who very recently had a baby and was the one who had helped Ram and Priya out in the case by confirming the marriage of Ayesha and Sid. However, Ayesha had managed to see that Jahnvi was having a video chat with Karthik, and this confirmed to her that here was some information that she could use to get some more money out of Ram. So, when Karthik finally came to India, she decided to start blackmailing him even though he was her own brother; he was shocked at this, but she told him to use some excuse and get more money from Ram.
In the meantime, Ram has been named as one of the 50 top businessman, and there is to be a photo shoot. To the torment of Priya, Isha has still not gone from their lives, and she starts feeling more jealous when Ram is getting some blood tests done and does not tell Priya about it to prevent her from feeling worried. Isha is there in the office at the same time for getting some help from Ram for a real estate deal, and so knows about this rather than Priya knowing about it. And in the photo shoot, Isha seems to handle everyone, including even Pihu, which makes Priya even more jealous; and Ram is preoccupied with his blood tests and does not compliment Priya when she comes in wearing a beautiful saree. However, in the end when everything is getting very chaotic, it is Priya who handles the photo-shoot, ensuring that the photo-shoot gets done properly.

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