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Hindi TV Serial – Ballika Vadhu – Shiv and Anandi back from Kashmir, and Ratan Singh comes to Ganga

The honeymoon that Shiv and Anandi had in Kashmir turned out to be eventful. They had hoped for a quiet period of romance and the like, and then suddenly a whole drama happened. Shiv suddenly disappeared and Anandi was frantic looking for him. She tried looking all around for him, along with Abdul who was their local guide, and finally figured out what had happened. There was another guy with the same face of Shiv, and he had been taken because of his resemblance, and been hit and beaten. Anandi finally managed to save him and take him away from there (there was some thought that the serial might show Roja like episode of terrorism, but the Kashmir Government would not have allowed the shooting of a serial if they were going to show terrorism in some form). They finally decide to come back to the family.
When they reach back to the family, everybody is very happy to see them. Anandi gives the gifts that were bought for everyone and they are all very happy. They are concerned about the injury mark on Shiv’s face, but he manages to deflects all this questioning. Anandi and Shiv are also teased by Dadu, who asks about when he they will give a child to the family, but then the mother tells them to stop this teasing and not let them continue on this line. Shiv and Anandi are also upset when they hear that Dadu suffered an illness, but he tells them that there was nothing, and that Jagya and Sanchi helped a lot to bring him back to good health.
On the other side, Ganga is facing some problems. First her inlaws had come there, sent there by Ratan Singh, who was still in jail, and they tried to sweet talk her into coming home. The members of the haveli, especially Dadisa seemed to soften, but when Ganga refused to bend, they showed their true nature and started scolding her. At this, Ganga and the members of the family kicked them out. Soon after, Ratan Singh also came there and tried to sweet talk Ganga. When she refused and told him that she had seen enough of Ratan Singh, he also tried to act menacing. He told her that he wanted his son, and that his wife actually was carrying a girl child and hence he came to get his son. At this, Ganga totally refused.
Jagya also came into the house at this point of time. When Ratan Singh saw Jagya there, he started accusing Ganga of being emotionally and romantically involved with Jagya, of having a relation with him, and other such items. Jagya got very angry at this, and when Ratan did not stop, he pushed Ratan Singh down. At this, Ratan Singh finally left but swore that he would get revenge for whatever was done to him. Dadisa in this same time period was looking at photos that a matchmaker had got, and while she rejected most of them, selected the photo of a girl called Madhavi. Madhavi’s family initially did not know that Jagya was a divorcee, but was then told that he had a rich family and was running a hospital, and hence was a big man. They were agreeable then. But Jagya is now refusing to marry.

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