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Hindi TV Serial – Punaar Vivah – The final episode with these characters

So the show is now ending for the first episode of the serial, with the current characters in the show reaching their final stages in the serial. The story of Ishita was also coming to an end, although in the previous episodes, Ishita managed to escape the clutches of Aarti and Uash, and in a normal seriall, this would have been the precursor for a large number of episodes or even a time lapse; and would then come back as the villain and make life hell for the characters of the serial and for the viewers. But this was not be, with the makers of the serial deciding to end the story of Ishita in this version itself and having a totally new story and new characters in the new sets of episodes.
So, the serial shows the family leaving the house and moving to a new city so that maybe the house itself can be used for a new version of the serial. However, Ishita is still planning her revenge and decides that getting Ayu was the way to move, this would put an incredible amount of pressure on everybody and maybe get Yash to finally do what Ishita wanted. She gets a nurse to help her, making the pretense that Ayu needs a vaccine, and tries to take Ayu inside for an injection while telling Pari to wait outside. However, Pari has been well trained by Aarti, and refuses to let Ayu out of her sight. But a phone call comes and in that distraction, the nurse takes Ayu inside and then hands the baby over to Ishita, while telling Pari that the baby had been given back to her, and she was not able to handle the baby.
Pari is frantic and tells everybody except for Aarti about this, and Yash and Prateik quickly come there and see Ishita moving out of there with the baby. They chase after her, and see her in a different place, where her men have put Ayu up, tied up with ropes and can fall if the rope is cut. Yash comes there and is shocked about what is happening, and tries to get Ishita to give back Ayu. She refuses, but then another girl comes there and helps them, and in the whole brief contest, Ayu is rescued and Pari quickly rushes away with the baby. Yash frees himself and then hits Ishita again, denying her requests. She wants to kill herself, but Yash prevents this and says that she should be in jail, with the jail sentence being the just punishment for whatever she has done.

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