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Hindi TV Serial – Uttaran – Finally Rathore and Tappu get to know the truth

The life of Meethi hangs in the balance. She has been hunted down, wooed by a man who is on a mission to first torture her and then finally kill her. This is revenge for the death of the man killed by Ichcha, as she was saving Veer. However, even though Mukta and Rathore tried to prevent the marriage, they had no proof and no one believed them. It was only at the death of Ichcha that they started looking for Meethi, but were not able to locate her, and realized that Vishnu and Meethi had not even gone where they were supposed to go for the honeymoon. They had returned to the ancestral property, located in an isolated village, where the plan was to eventually kill Meethi as revenge. So, Meethi was not allowed to contact her family, and who was supporting all of them in this, it was Surbhi, the loving wife of Kanha.
However, once Rathore and Tappu learned the truth about Surbhi, they started scaring her through phone calls about how they knew the truth about her, how she would never be able to get away with what she did. She got scared and decided to run away from there, and go back to the ancestral property where no one would be able to find her. Even when leaving, she looked at everybody with suspicion, trying to figure out who knew so much about her. But when Kanha left her at the bus stop, Rathore and Tappu caught up with her. She managed to escape them, but they caught up with her as she was entering the family property.
And that is where the entire history was explained about Vishnu, whose real name was Akash. On the other side, Meethi had been bitten by a snake and was in a bad way, being in a banjaran locality and being treated by the local vaidh. However, there was a need for a doctor, and by now Vishnu had overcome his desire to kill her and was now in love with her, and he managed to kidnap a doctor from the hospital to come there, while evading people who could see his photo in the paper. The Doctor was able to come there and help, but after his return, he saw the photo and told the police.
In the meantime, in the haveli, Maiiya is explaining her revenge plan to Rathore and Tappu, telling them the motive behind what she had done. She had prevented Meethi from learning about the death of Ichcha, and even got Meethi to dance on the chautha of her mother rather than the usual condolences that she would have done. And now, she tells them that Ichcha is already dead, and Meethi would also be close to death, killed by her own husband, as a part of the revenge. Rathore sets out, while telling them that if something happens to Meethi, he would burn down the entire haveli. Further, he tells Surbhi that she has caused the death of all her relations, since anybody who believes in her will no longer do so.
In the meantime, Vishnu has been telling the truth to Meethi, but she is apparently unconscious, but he will tell her the truth again, and by this time, Rathore would also have caught up with them.

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