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Hindi TV Serial – Devon Ke Dev Mahadev – Jalandhar uses Shakti to hide Parvathi

Jalandhar has long been very confident of his own powers, and when his own Guru warns him that he is nothing compared to Mahadev, he dismisses the word of his guru as that coming from a bhakt of Mahadev, and cannot be relied upon. He spoke to Parsuram, and while he ignored the fact about Mahadev being all powerful, he was careful enough to listen to the rest of the story about the powers of Mahadev, and the stage in which Parvathi is currently in. Further, he also listens to some more sadhus who are respecting him because he has the part of Mahadev inside him, and also learns more about Sati and the fact that Mahadev could go in a long term samadhi where he withdraws from the world. Based on all this, Jalandhar makes the understanding that Parvathi in fact is the more powerful one, and without her, Mahadev is not so powerful. Also, since Parvathi has still not regained all her powers, this is the best of time to make his move.
Jalandhar decides to go in for a samadhi since he believes that is where Mahadev also gets his powers and goes in for Jal Samadhi. When he comes out, he is even more powerful. Further, he has been working with his guru for a new power, and finally his guru passes on the same power to him. It is a power that is borne in the self and can only be used one time, a power to create great illusions. Jalandhar assures Shukracharya that he is not going to use this power against Mahadev. He takes the guise of the Adi Guru under whom Parvathi was taking her lessons and enters the cave. Her sons who were standing outside were not sure about what to do, since they have been told to prevent anybody from entering, but Mahadev himself ? Ganesh is still suspicious, and tries to enter the cave, but is thrown back due to the power of the weapon.
Lord Vishnu comes there, and tells them that Jalandhar has used a weapon to take away Parvathi to a illusionary place that Jalandhar has created, and it is essential that Mahadev is brought out of his samadhi, and that it is Ganesh who can bring him out of the deepness of his samadhi. On the other hand, a clear divide between Jalandhar and his guru is coming to the fore, since Shukracharya, when he comes to this new place, is astounded at what Jalandhar has done. He things that when Mahadev learns as to what Jalandhar has done, things will get very bad, and the only way to prevent this is to take back Parvathi to Mahadev and beg for forgiveness. However, Jalandhar refuses to let him do this, and they have a confrontation where Shukracharya has to withdraw. After all, Jalandhar is more powerful, but he also tells Jalandhar that he cannot be a guru to him anymore.

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