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Hindi TV Serial – Na Bole Tum… Na Maine Kuch Kaha – Addu gets reconciled with Mohan

For Mohan, a big reason for the split with Megha was because of the disappearance of Addu, and the turmoil it brought to their family. Mohan first is able to persuade Navika that their reason for hating him was all junk, that he was searching for Addu as much or more than them, and it was not his fault that he was not able to find Addu (and Beera helps a lot in this by showing Navika how she and Addu had always been treating Mohan as a step-father, and how this caused their attitudes to be twisted). And then there is the appearance of Munna, who was the kid along with Addu when Addu had run away. He blamed Mohan for whatever happened to Addu, and tried a number of times to take revenge on Mohan. However, in the end, Muuna is convinced by his own family to change, and he takes them to meet Addu, who is currently showing a behavior of stilted mental growth, and hates the very face of Mohan.
They bring him back home, although Munna keeps a slight distance from him. The others in the family help Addu a lot and show him a lot of love. They even hold a cricket match in the lane to show Addu the normal parts of life, and in that match, a ball gets hit and Addu sees that Mohan has caught the ball. He gets very angry and starts attacking Mohan, and at this, Renu, who is already upset at the presence of Addu in the house plays a large part in calling the police. When the police come to take away Addu, first Megha gets in the way, then Navika, and then finally Mohan also steps in. He shows his credentials as the head of a TV channel and asks as to what is the problem and who wants to complain. When somebody from the street tries to come forward, Beera stops that person from proceeding.
But, as a result of Mohan doing this step, that break between him and Addu is resolved, and Addu accepts him; something which makes Mohan very happy. Over the next few days, Addu sees a market in the papers, and gets agitated, and this happens while Mohan is talking to Munna. Mohan takes Addu to the same location, and he sees a house and is very agitated. Next, Munna also come there. They try to knock, but nobody opens the door of the house, and they break into the house. Over there, they see a number of children in the house and they liberate them, and this makes news headlines. On the other hand, the politician who is also doing the child kidnapping is getting worried when he sees this attention on kidnapping of children.

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