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Hindi TV Serial – Uttaran – Meethi comes back home and finds out about Ichcha

Finally, after the confrontation in the forest, Rathore and Tappu bring back Ichcha back to their house. Everybody is waiting eagerly for Meethi, especially since she was missing for so much time and they had not been able to find her. However, given that she must be in emotional turmoil, they are hesitant to tell her about what happened to Ichcha. However, soon after Meethi arrived there, she started asking for her mother, and she finds that people are not telling her about Ichcha. And then Meethi realizes that Ichcha would not be there in this house, she would be in the Bundela house with her husband, Veer. She tries to get Rathore to help come with her and then sees a garland on the wall behind. To her shock, the garland is on a photo of Ichcha, and she goes into shock. She tells everybody that her mother could not be dead, and then Damini tells her the own story.
She tells her about how Ichcha tried to go to the hospital to see Tappu, got into an accident, and then finally donated her heart to let Tappu live. About how they were all trying to find Meethi to tell her about her mother but were not able to find her. Meethi gets more shocked at this, and realizes that while all this was ongoing, she was not allowed to get into contact with her family, they did not even allow her to use a telephone during the interval. And to her horror, she realizes that on the day of the chautha, that is when she danced after her husband’s family made her dance, and this really shocks her. Her blaming Akash for all this would go up even more, since this is a pretty traumatic scene.
On the other hand, in the forest, in the banjara colony, Rathore had beaten up Akash, who did not resist, and who was in a pretty bad state as a result of all this beating up. His family come, are shocked to see him in this state and take him back to the house. At the house, they would have been expecting to see that it was Meethi who was dead, instead they encounter the unconscious body of their son, with a number of injury marks on the body. Maiyya is shocked at this, and forbids anybody from taking him to the hospital; she says that she will do whatever it takes to ensure that he gets better, and she has a full feeling that everything will get better and he will recover.
In between, there is a separate drama going on between Kadambari and Agarth, and some mention of a secret, a secret that Gomti does not know and she gets curious about what this is about.

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