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Hindi TV Serial – Bade Acche Lagte Hain – Isha drops a bombshell on Ram

This was a twist that I was not really expecting. At the same time, there was news that the leap will happen in August, which was expected anytime now, or in June, has now been moved ahead, and the viewers can see Ram and Priya as more elderly, and their children has all grown up. Of course, the familiar characters of Ayesha and Sid will also be around to provide the masala in the serial, but there would be a expectation that some of the current elders would have been knocked off the serial.
In the current tension between Ram and Priya over Isha, Ram tries to break the deadlock. He tells Priya that she needs to eat, and makes it seem that he is actually talking to his child inside Priya to eat, and hence Priya needs to eat because of that. This also emphasizes that he cares for the baby, and breaks some of the tension between them. She eats, and they finally retire for the night.
In the morning, Priya again finds him missing, and of course she knows where has gone. He had gone over to Isha’s house to settle this, where he told Isha that his wife suspected them to be involved, and would she talk to Priya about this (which is not a great thing to do, since if your wife suspects you to be involved with somebody, you would not go to the other person and tell them about this). She does not comment on this, and instead tells him a shocker. She told him that her own relationship was dead and over, and she came back to see whether she could strike up a relationship with Ram. Ram is shocked at this statement by Isha, and he tells her that he has a wife and that he loves his wife, and he moves away from there, still shocked.
When he reaches back home, Priya is waiting for him, but he does not reply to her questions and walks back to his room. In turn, Priya goes with Pihu to her parents house but does not tell anybody about what happens. When Natasha tries to say something, she shuts her up as well, and states that she is in her parents house and does not need to tell anybody anything. He father comes in, and speaks to her, telling her that she has a full responsibility to be wherever she wants, and if there is a problem between Ram and her, he knows that they will resolve it.
Karthik, in the meantime had gone to the market with Nuts and runs into his own kid along with his mother-in-law, and she refuses to let him meet his kid, telling him that Jhanvi had refused to have any more contact with Karthik while Karthik states that he has full rights over his kid.

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