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Hindi TV Serial – Pyaar Ka Dard Hai…Meetha Meetha – Anuj realizing that his son is no good

They are 4 cunning people – Anuj, Rubel, Sheela and Latika. Out of these 4, Anuj is shown to be the least cunning but also under the influence of his wife and son. However, in recent times, he has started realizing that his son is no good, and this is not only towards the business, but his son could not even care for his own family members. First, when there was a case against Anuj and the police had come to arrest Anuj, it was not Rubel who did something (he did not even lift a finger to help, even though he was handling the account where the case was lodged); it was Avantika, Pankhuri and Adi who did everything to help Anuj and sent the police away. Even after all that, Rubel could only see a conspiracy behind all this, and was not really willing to admit that he had done wrong, and that he was not even trying to help his father.
And then all the incident about Kaira. She was getting drugged by her friend Manan, and Rubel did not seem to even care that there was something wrong – instead it was Pankhuri who noticed that there were things wrong and who tried to ensure that things were set right. It was Aditya and his family who traveled to find the father of Manan and get him back to Mumbai so that the truth about Manan could be exposed and they could prevent the marriage of Manan and Kaira from going through on that very day. However, Anuj made a commend about this needing to have been done by the brother of the girl rather than by Aditya, but Rubel just ignored that and basically stated that one should not expect such things from him.
Both Anuj and Sheela also do not like Latika, and were shocked that Rubel was not listening to them, and instead got married to Latika, and even more so, she is now carrying his baby. However, Rubel is super confident and is looking to the future, since he believes that the future is now in his favor and he will be able to do what he wants. He tells his father that it is time to call a board meeting, and everybody gets a notification that a board meeting has been called in an emergency.
The promos are an apparent shocker, since they show that Anuj is going to say that he is selecting a person of talent and abilities to be the next head of the company and that is going to be Aditya (unless that is a dream or a nightmare of Sheela).

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