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Hindi TV Serial – Bade Acche Lagte Hain – Finally the presence of Isha has ended from their lives ..

Within a month, the serial has shown a major pressure point in the relation between Ram and Priya. When somebody is pregnant, they have a high degree of emotional turmoil and also mood changes, and if during that time, you see that your husband is doing some strange things and getting close to another woman, things can get very problematic. And this is what happened in the relation between Ram and Priya, after the arrival of Isha in their lives.
In the beginning, things were amusing; the former college crush of Ram arrived in the form of Isha (after whom Vikram was also interested) and her presence brought out some interesting points. For both Ram and Vikram, there was a tendency to meet her, but for the wives, there were their husbands acting like college kids again. And then more stories such as the fact that Ram was willing to donate blood 3 times in two days since the donation camp was being lead by Isha, and this when Priya has always seem Ram as being afraid of the needle and unwilling to let injections and blood tests happened as well. But this amusement led to tension since it seemed that Ram was spending more time with her, and was also lying about being with her when Priya was trying to get in touch with him.
But, things got more critical when Ram was trying to tell Isha about what Priya was feeling and how she should try to reassure Priya. Isha shocked Ram however by telling him that she had come back only for him, and this was shocking for him. When he came back, he refused to say anything to Priya which also shocked her.
The next day was their anniversary, and Priya had taken Pihu and gone to her parents house. She refused to tell anyone about what had happened, although her father reassured her that he believes that she will do whatever is required. Their past relationship along with pressure from Pihu causes them to talk to each other and Ram tells her that he will come to her house and they will speak. Just before that, Isha comes their and tells Priya that she should back off, since Ram and Isha were in love. Ram also arrives there at that point.
Priya tells Isha that she is lying, that she needs to get out of the house, and that she believes Ram totally, both as a husband and a friend, and nothing can shake their relationship. Ram also supports her and tells Isha that he was somewhat sympathetic to her, but no longer.

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