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Hindi TV Serial – Devon Ke Dev Mahadev – The final confrontation between Jalandhar and Mahadev is due

The final confrontation is due between Jalandhar and Mahadev, and is to be shown today, Sunday, the 2nd of June 2013. One of the most important events before that was the prevention of Jalandhar becoming immortal, and that would have happened if Vrinda had managed to complete her final prayers along with Jalandhar. She tried to persuade Jalandhar to be there when she was doing the final prayer even though she felt that he did not believe in all this. It was essential to prevent this from happening and so Lord Vishnu took the responsibility of preventing this from happening. He went in the form of Jalandhar to Vrinda who was happy that Jalandhar had appeared and she tool the final prayers. However, when she applied the final tika on his head, she realized that it was not Jalandhar and then Lord Vishnu declared that it was his quest to prevent adharma and evil from happening. Even though she cursed him, he told her that he could not support a wrong thing from happening and hence he did this. Vrinda on the other hand was shocked that she had come into contact with another male, and decided to kill herself. When Jalandhar came there, he found out what had happened but was unable to save her. He was very angry at what happened, while Mahadev was saddened at this deception, since he has always believed in truth; but for Lord Vishnu, the winning of dharma is all important, as he had also enunciated in the holy Gita, where he had advised Arjuna to make war against his own cousins for the sake of dharma.
In the battle that is now happening, Karthikeyan had taken a pledge from his father that he will do the fighting rather than Mahadev and starts the battle against Jalandhar (in fact, there is no fighting between the armies, it is only Jalandhar vs. Karthikeyan). Karthikeyan is able to hold his own for some time, but in the end, he is distracted by the illusion of his mother that Jalandhar spins for him and is defeated, on the ground. Next, Nandi comes into the battle but refuses to attack because of the presence of the Shivansh inside Jalandhar. However, Jalandhar attacks him in several different ways, but Nandi is able to withstand those hard blows and even the fury of the krodhagni of Shiva because of his devotion. However, he also finally is beaten, and then it is the turn of Ganesh. Ganesh is able to deliver only a few blows before he is also beaten and thrown in the air. All this time Jalandhar is also taunting Mahadev for sending others to fight for him and not coming himself. After Ganesh is beaten, Mahadev finally appears in the battle himself, but the time for the battle is over for the day, and it will resume on a new day.
In the promo, they also show that Parvathi will also make herself present in the battle (all they show is her eyes turning red) and also a direct confrontation between Mahadev and Jalandhar.

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