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Saraswatichandra – Kumud very upset about what happened between her and Saras

There is a lot of tension between Kumud and Saras right now. Saras finally worked up the courage and asked Vidya Charan for the hand of his daughter Kumud, and this made everyone in the family very happy, even more so since this was after there was supposed to be a marriage between Kumud and Saras, but Saras declined to get married to Kumud. At this, Kumud also got very angry and had asked him to come there for stating his no, not doing it from a distance, and he did come there. She was very angry over this, but over a period of time, things got better between them. She finally understood the level of isolation he was in, how he refused to make any relationships with others, and in the meantime he had also showed through some actions about how he cared for her and for her family. The biggest was when he took the blame for an accident that Yash had caused and had to suffer for quite some time because of taking this responsibility. In the end, it was Kumud who helped him and ensured that the blame was on the right person.
Over a period of time, they started feeling closer and closer to each other with Kumud realizing that she had to help get Saras to feel complete again, and he started feeling better. Finally it reached a point where they had decided that they would get married to each other, but how to announce this was the issue. Finally Saras took the plunge and decided to ask for the hand of Kumud, and that was welcomed with a lot of happiness by everybody in the family, except for Guman, who did not want to see a marriage for Saras since she wants to convert Saras into a total emotionless person, and one who would not have a relationship with anybody. All that planning of her seems to be going down the drain if Saras gets married, that too to a girl like Kumud who would convert him into a normal person.
Finally, Kumud and Saras get very close to each other during the final events of the marriage happening in the family, where Kumud has already accepted Saras as her husband and they get into some passion, holding hands, putting paint on each other, and so on. Of course, since the serial shows on prime time, there is nothing more to be shown. However, the next day Kumud is very upset with what has happened and considers that she has crossed her moral line and betrayed her parents. She even refuses to talk properly to Saras who cannot really understand what is happening but who is trying to keep things normal. Kumud also goes to her mother and cries her heart out, claiming that she has done something that she should not have done, and in the meantime Guman is trying to figure out what is happening, and whether there is something that she can do to spoil everything that is happening.

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