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Hindi TV Serial – Balika Vadhu – Jagya injured, Ganga rushes him to hospital

The serial switches to a serious mode, although it may be only for a short period of time. Ganga had come back from her exam (already troubled since her son was having fever and she did not want to leave her son for going for the exam – she had only gone when Dadisa scolded her for not going and telling her that they could take care of her baby for her when she was in the exam center). After coming home, everybody was very worried since she was crying badly and they all wanted to know the reasons for her crying so hard. Finally Jagdish was sent to find out the reason, and he learnt from her that she was crying so much because she missed a 2 mark question in the paper. Jagdish was finally happy to know that this was the reason for why she was crying such a lot.
But things are going to turn more serious. Sanchi is falling more and more in love with Jagdish, to the extent that she even starts to believe that Jagdish had been unfairly blamed for his divorce with Anandi, and has expressed this feeling in front of both Shiv and Anandi as well. On the other side you have Ganga who has also started falling in love with Jagdish, but it is much more difficult for her to express anything about this – given her position, given how she feels that the haveli and Jagdish’s family are a much higher status than her, and so on. It would take a lot of emotional turmoil for her to state these feelings, but something like this does happen.
In a major incident, Jagdish gets beaten up by some goons who Ganga suspects were sent by her former husband Ratan Singh. He gets badly beaten up and has lost a lot of blood. Ganga is in great turmoil and does not know what to do, but finally takes some steps. She tries to get passing by vehicles to stop, but none of them stop. Finally she uses the ice from a kulfi stand nearby to stop the blood and when Jagdish’s phone pops out of his pocket, she uses the phone to inform Lal Singh who promptly sends an ambulance and also informs the rest of the family. And then she puts Jagdish on the kulfi cart and tries to carry him. During this, interestingly, his hand puts blood on her hair parting (mang), which in that village like setting is equivalent to him marrying her.
In the hospital, Lal Singh tells the family that Jagdish is out of her danger and also praises what Ganga did in terms of getting Jagdish to the hospital and also stopping the blood flow from his body. And then Dadisa notices that Ganga’s maang is streaked with blood, which Ganga also sees in the mirror and tries to explain as to what might have occurred. On the other hand, when Sanchi gets to know, she realizes that she loves Jagdish and wants to rush to the hospital and Ganga is expressing her fear that something might occur to her doctor sahib.

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