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Hindi TV Serial – Saathiya – Koki slaps Urmila for her actions towards Meera

It finally had to happen. For quite some time, the serial has been showing Urmila being in favor of Rashi having sons (she believes that sons are the ones who get favorable treatment in the house and in terms of property, and anyhow, Urmila was always against Gopi because of Rashi being there). So, when there were a lot of events happening with regard to Rashi’s twins, Urmila was in the house and kept on doing something or the other with regard to Meera. She was earlier trying to persuade Meera to not dance when the rest of the children were going to dance, since Urmila had taken a bet for the winner of the dance.
In other situations, Urmila had brought a lady to the house who believed that the touch from a lady who had given birth to boys will lead to her children being boys. However, Meera touches the stomach of the lady who gets frustrated since a girl has touched it. Urmila as usual is angry over what Meera has done and scolds her, and Gopi sees this and is angry at what has happened. Rashi also does not want to support such a practice and does not want to touch, but Urmila forces her to do this. Kokila also hears this to some extent. In fact, Gopi also tells off Urmila that such a thing does not happen in the Modi household.
Things get more problematic when Urmila is there in the room with the twin boys and Meera being there. Rashi has gone to take a bath, and since her room water problems are happening, she goes to Hetal’s bathroom to have a bath. Urmila wedges the door and goes outside the door, but suddenly the door closes and everybody soon gets panicked since only the children are present inside the locked room. There are no keys to be found, and finally the door is broken open.
Everybody rushes inside the room, and Urmila rushes off towards the twins, and ignores Meera. In fact, she is shown as brushing off Meera and being rude to her, something that neither Gopi and Ahem like. Finally Koki has had enough and catches hold of Urmila and gives her 2 tight slaps in front of everyone, saying that this is because of her attitude where she is trying to create differences between the girl and boy children of the family, and nobody has tried to do this so far in all these years. She then tells Urmila that she needs to leave from there.
Urmila is horrified at this and angry and leaves from there. She has a fight with the auto driver who also taunts her about not taking her anger over being slapped towards him (given that the marks of the slap can be seen). Urmila vows to take revenge and comes back at night, climbing inside through the kitchen and is again caught, where she claims that she came back to see her grand-children while she wanted to spoil the preparations for Meera’s party.

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