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Hindi TV Serial – Diya Aur Bati Hum – Sandhya decides to blame herself for the loss in the shop

Sandhya is on a mission to determine who was the one who was guilty of leaving the shutter of the shop open, which allowed rats to enter the shop in large numbers and destroy everything in the shop, either destroy or contaminate the remaining the food. There was a big order from the DSP which had been prepared by Suraj, and the entire order got destroyed. He managed to get 3 hours to make up for the order and everybody got together to make up the order. While this cost a lot of money, the shop also had to be closed for 2 days while it was fumigated, and this meant that business for 2 days would also be lost. All this would cost over Rs. 1 lakh and Bhabho was very angry over what happened. She asked Sandhya to find about who was responsible and then Bhabho would take over and ensure that the entire cost of the mistake was taken from them.
Sandhya starts work, and soon determines that all 3 of the ladies in the house – Meena, Emily and Chhavi had visited the shop that day. She found a piece of bangle, and realized that this was given to all 3 of these ladies. Meena had in the meantime already figured out that her bangle was broken, and made sure that the bangles of the other 2 were also broken so that Sandhya could not determine from the broken bangles. She then started the next part of the investigation, by determining the time slot in which all of them entered the shop. Finally she isolated that it was Emily by figuring out the candle in the shop and the time in which Emily would have come there.
However, when in Emily’s room, she sees the movie of the wedding that Emily was looking at, and realizes that the liquor chocolates were fed to her by Bhabho deliberately so that she not give the exam in the next morning, and this clears up a lot of things for her. It was Bhabho’s intention that she not give the exam, not go out of the house, and this is now clear to Sandhya.
In the meantime, Suraj had delivered the sweets to the house of the DCP and got a chance to meet him and talk about what it takes to become a police officer. The DCP tells him about ensuring that the person is prepared for the exam, is well aware of what is happening in terms of current affairs, which includes news channels on TV. Suraj is determined to do whatever is required to ensure that Sandhya gives the exam, and determines to buy a TV after speaking to Bhabho.
In the meantime, Sandhya calls the entire household and tells them that she has found the person responsible for the loss, and then proceeds to clear all 3 of the ladies, determining that it is Sandhya who is responsible for the loss.

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