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Hindi TV Serial – Pavita Rishta – Purvi decides to leave Onir after he admits about Shalini

Things are again getting complex in the stories. The relationship between Onir and Purvi was going fine till some time back. First of, Onir had told Purvi that he does not like her being in contact with Arjun and she had agreed that she would not be in contact with him, although he was the father of Pari and could meet her. And then Purvi met this lady called Shalini without any doubts. However, both Arjun and Purvi were separately somewhat puzzled about an apparent relationship between Onir and Shalini, since they should not have not know each other except when Purvi had met her. However, Arjun kept some investigation about the relationship between Onir and Shalini, and although Purvi did not believe this initially (after all, Onir was the one who had accepted her when she was pregnant with somebody else’s child and had not even tried to push for any relationship with her in terms of the normal husband-wife relationship), but she later saw them together and decided to confront Onir. Finally Onir admitted that Shalini was his first wife and this shocked Purvi. She decided to leave Onir and take Pari with her, but she could also not go to Archana’s house.
In the main household, there is a lot of happiness since Archana was supposed to be coming back from the hospital. Soham, who had turned over a new leaf, did a lot of effort in decorating the chawl, but he did this in his normal rough and tough way. When somebody from the chawl objected to the inconvenience caused due to this, Soham’s helper reacted rudely. And then some fireworks were lit which almost caused a problem to a lady. At this Sachin objected to this, and Soham and Sachin had a heated exchange, at which Sachin told Soham not to call Archana his aai and Soham almost raised his hand on Sachin. At this Manav came in the way and told Soham to leave from the there, and that he would always be a gangster. Soham is very angry at this, saying that all his efforts were never acknowledged, and Varsha goes to Manav to speak up for him but Manav refuses. In the meantime, it seems that the character of Ovi is over, since she has not been in the serial for quite some time now, apparently having gone back to Canada.
When Archana comes back to the house, she sees the decorated chawl and when entering the house, she wants to make sure that her entire house is there, including Soham. However, Manav does not want this and Archana and Manav have an argument on this aspect. Then Archana lands up at Varsha’s house asking for Soham to come back, with the open question about what is the reaction to Manav to all this.

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