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Hindi TV Serial – Madhubala – Ek Ishq Ek Junoon – Finally the marriage happens, but Sultan story will start

Finally the long awaited marriage of RK and Madhu happens. Dipali tried her level best to do anything to stop this marriage but was not really able to do anything. She did see a ray of hope when there was a lot of tension just before the actual marriage ceremonies. This time, she knew that Madhu was upto some wrong, she knew that there was something happening with Sultan, but she was not able to do anything. She tried her level best to get RK angry, she tried to get Radha to also do something and to persuade her that Madhu was doing something wrong, but not able to do anything. She once managed to get RK angry by inviting Sultan over for a party through a message from Madhu’s phone, but that did not work. RK was angry, but then Madhu showed him that the message was sent when her phone was missing and after questioning his brother, RK knew that the problem was being created by Dipali and threatened to kich her out of the house before Madhu stepped in and prevented that from happening. Even Radha was not able to anything to stop this.
At the day of the wedding, Sultan was in the house and in the bedroom, and RK was able to hear a conversation between Sultan and Madhu where they were discussing how the revenge was going to happen. RK did hear that part where Madhu did admit to the revenge, but then told Sultan that he should leave, that she has given up thoughts of the revenge, and that she loved RK a lot. Sultan was confused, but RK heard the whole thing. Soon after, Sultan left, RK stomped out and took Madhu with him. Radha was very confused about him, and Dipali was equally confused, but was hopeful that this meant that the marriage was off and RK would be dropping off Madhu at the chawl. In the meantime, Padmini was also confused since she had heard from Madhu earlier that she wanted revenge for whatever RK had done to her, and she also had a confrontation with Radha on this one, but this time Radha was also angry since she could see that Sultan was there, and she wanted to know about what Sultan was doing there.
However, finally the marriage took place with little drama, and the serial is showing a lot of romantic behavior between Madhu and RK, and they seem very happy. RK of course is also again threatening to kick Sikky and Dipali out of the house, and also taunting her that she was not able to prevent the marriage.
On the other hand, Sultan is going through his own dilemma since he has learnt that Balwant was not his father, that in fact he was the son of Mohan Kundra, having got all these details from Rashid, who revealed how Sultan was the son of Mohan Kundra and Meera, he is still trying to figure out what to do next.

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