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Hindi TV Serial – Sanskaar – Dharohar Apnon Ki – No electricity at the factory, so work at home

Ram Kapoor (from Bade Acche Lagte Hain on Sony) is playing a role in this serial as well, in the form of Bhoomi’s brother who has come to see her. He plays a down to earth person who gets along with everyone in the family and very quickly integrated with them. He is also very happy to see how well Bhoomi has been accepted, and the obvious love between her and Kishna. He is running a business, and that plays a crucial role in the ongoing episodes. There is a crisis in the house since a big order has been cancelled and there is worry about how the mill will continue working, and Kishan was trying to hide this information from everybody. However, this gets revealed to Bhoomi and she is angry at Kishan for not telling her this information. However, she gets over this anger.
Now, Paddy (Bhoomi’s brother) is having a conversation with somebody where the other person is not able to fulfil his order for shirts in time and Paddy is very angry at this. This is a good time for the family since they decide to take on this order and provide the required shirts (although it seems that shirts nowadays come in all types of styles and fits, and one wonders whether they can figure out all this so quickly) to Paddy, and do it very seriously. Just because it is Bhoomi’s brother does not mean that they will not take this order seriously and the household is going full speed on this one. However, a big problem happens. Power goes off at the factory (orchestrated by Amrutlal from jail) apparently because of the non-payment of the bill for many months, and it will take 2 days for the power to come back on. Even a generator will take many hours, so they are trying to figure out what will happen, since most of the shirts have been completed, but there are still 500 shirts to go.
There was a suggestion that since this was a order from family, they can deliver part of the order, but that is not how they do business. If they have taken on an order, they will do it fully seriously. Hansu jokingly mentions that electricity is coming in the house, and Bhoomi quickly jumps on that and suggest that they set up machines in the house for getting the work done, asking the workers to do it in the house and the household will ensure that they are fed and taken care of. The workers are asked to come home for this purpose and they do so. Now, work is going on at full speed in the house with the workers being given tea and then served food. However, when there are still 100 shirts to go, the workers are feeling sleepy, and it seems that there will be some music and dance in the house to ensure that the workers do not feel sleepy any more and finish the work.

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