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Hindi TV Serial – Do Dil Ek Jaan – Love story across religions and regions

Do Dil Ek Jaan is a new serial that started on Life OK on the 3rd of June, 2013, with a short role for the famous actor, Farooqe Sheikh. He plays the role of a doctor, staying in Kashmir, a time when there is conflict between the terrorists fighting for an independent Kashmir and the security forces from Kashmir, wanting to stop these acts of terrorism and bringing back people to the region. As a part of this conflict, Farooq Sheikh is called to help some terrorists and reports this to the security forces who come to arrest these people. They are furious with the doctor for this betrayal and promise revenge and soon their happy family life is broken due to a bomb blast right in front of the house which takes the life of the doctor. The family is badly shaken up by this and is urged to go from there, moving to Mumbai. So Antara moves with her family and moves to Mumbai, and there comes into contact with a local ruffian, Raghav.
He is having a fight with somebody else, and as a result of this fight, an item thrown at him breaks a glass in the house and Antara is very angry at him. She tells Raghav that there is a cost for the glass and he needs to pay for the glass, and everybody is astounded at the might of Antara demanding something from the local ruffian. As a result, Raghav comes into the house with his men, and breaks a large number of glasses in the house, and everybody is shaken. However, at the end, as a response to her earlier statement, he then takes out his wallet and pays for her all the glasses that are broken in the house (this was something that was predictable).
Over a period of time, this will end up as a love story between a Hindu boy and a Muslim girl, and this is also because Antara is suffering a huge loss because of the sudden and shocking death of her father, and the romance between her and Raghav will cause some of this emotional void to go away, but the differences between them are many and it will not be easy for them.

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