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Hindi TV Serial – Amita Ka Amit – Amita forced to apologize to Rohan for doubting him ..

Amita is fully doubting the role of Rohan in the problems that are happening, suspecting that he is providing information to Wise Investments, which is a rival company. And she has no proof, and so has to gather proof, and starts out on her investigating mission. However, she still has to learn this art of how to hide properly, and when she is following Rohan, she is seen by him in the mirror and that fully spoils the mission. Now that Rohan has seen her, he will not do what he came to the office of Wise Investments to do, and in fact, he is nowhere to be seen. However, when Amita turns around, she finds Rohan in front of her, and he immediately starts asking all the questions about why she is here and accuses her of suspecting him. And he tells her that he will take her back to the house.
When they reach back home, there is yet another major headache because of all this that is happening. Rohan immediately escalates the matter can gets Keerthi in the picture, saying that he has been accused of betraying the family business and that too without any evidence, and goes on an emotional drama. Given that Amita has proved herself in the past with respect to the family jewels, there is no immediately hard words said at Amita by her inlaws but she immediately goes on the defensive. Her father-in-law also later gently turns her that he did not expect this from her since Rohan has been with the family business for a long time, and whatever happened was not good.
Amita apologizes to everybody for whatever she said, including to Rohan when he comes at the breakfast table with his resignation as the CEO of the company. He initially refuses to take back the resignation, but after she has apologized enough, he finally smells victory and tears the resignation papers and resumes his role as the CEO of the company. This makes everyone happy, but Amita has not given up on her quest to determine who is behind the problems. When Ria and Tina try to rub it into her later that day, she tells them the same thing, that she has not given up, she only apologized for the betterment of the family, but will continue in her quest to determine who is behind all this.
Amita is worried that all this tension is causing an increase in the gap between her and Amit, while she felt that they were coming closer after the past few days, including the honeymoon and she had saved the jewels that a cheat jeweller was trying to steal from her mother-in-law.

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