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Hindi TV Serial – Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha – The baarat has not yet arrived, everybody nervous

For some time now, the serial has been showcasing the marriage preparations of Beera and Navika (and like any other such romance, you wonder as to why Navika would fall in love with somebody who was so eminently unsuitable, who had a grandfather who was a thug and criminal, and so on); and side by side, the serial also showed the concept of Beera and Daddaji claiming that this marriage would not happen, it being just a way to cause shame to Navika and Mohan, since they had caused such a lot of trouble to Daddaji. At the same time, Beera had already done such a lot of good, even if it was just meant to ensure that the relation between him and Navika increased (he had helped in the finding of Addu, he had helped Navika convert from hating Mohan to getting back her old loving feelings for Mohan and many other such cases). The strangest was the case of Munna, who quite hated Mohan, but who seemed to be wanting to ensure that the marriage between Beera and Navika happend (although it seemed to be that he wanted to do this since Daddaji had promised him that he would grant him everything if the marriage between them did happen).
So, the first signs were already there. They were worried about who would take care of the haldi ceremony of Beera since except for Ragini, there was no other lady in their house and hence they all decided to over to this house to apply haldi to him. However, when they went there, they could see a house that did not seem to be doing any preparation for the wedding, and that should be a strong indicator that something was wrong. However, they themselves applied haldi to Beera and also were reassured when he told them that the marriage would happen.
But Ragini knew the truth, Daddaji told her that the marriage would not happen as well as what the plan was meant to be. She was shocked and called Munna, who told her that she had to somehow get Beera to change his mind and show up for the wedding. He told her that she should imagine if such a thing were to happen at the time of her wedding and what would happen in such a case ? But it was not clear whether this was happening or not.
And then, as the time by which the marriage party was supposed to come to their house became nearer, there was some nervousness, and the time for that actually passed. Calls were made to Beera, but his cell phone was not active and he could not be reached, and so on. Mohan and the others were startig to get nervous, worried that sending Beera home to Daddaji was a bad idea, and that maybe he was being persuaded by Daddaji to change the plan and not let the wedding happen.

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