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Hindi TV Serial – Chhanchhan – In the house and trying to adjust to married life and a scheming mother-in-law

The serial is like so many other serials, and do far I could not see anything new that is happening in the serial. The expected story is that of a girl who meets a boy, both of them do not like each other, but over a period they fall in love with each other, and then decide to marry each other. The boy’s mother has been insulted by the girl earlier, and hence is not favorable towards the girl and tries to ensure that the marriage does not happen; but when that fails, she finally pretends to be happy with the marriage and tries to ensure that the girl faces hell when she comes into the house. How original do you think such a story is ? It seems like the same old kind of story, nothing new, and the same kind of family drama that you would be seeing earlier in other serials; very disappointing.
So, Chhanchhan (Sanya Irani) (imagine naming your daughter a name such as Chhanchhan, she would have got tortured to death in school or college with such a name) is a happy and smiling girl from a liberal family who ends up stopping a marriage when she learns that there is dowry involved in the marriage, and both her friend and her father are happy that Chanchan has shown them the right path. And then she comes into contact with Manav and they have a typical egoistical hate relationship. But, over a period of time, this feeling turns into affection and love, and they decide to get married. However, problem with his mother; she is Umaben, the same one who Chhanchan exposed as the dowry seeker in the earlier relationship. So Umaben is determined to ensure that the marriage does not happen but does not have a direct way to stop this marriage from happening. She even goes to the extent of trying to get a man to come to the marriage venue and claim to be an ex-fiancee of Chanchhan to try to stop the marriage. The marriage does get stopped for some time, but Manav soon learns the truth and the marriage goes ahead. Umaben is not happy and vows that she will get Chhanchhan out of the house within a period of 30 days by making life miserable for her.
One of the easiest ways of doing that is through the usual customs that can be painful for somebody like Chhanchhan who is very modern; so trying to get her to wear those heavy sarees all the time is very painful, including wearing the pallu on top of the head. Chhanchhan is struggling with these, and also seeking the help of the other daughter-in-laws of the house for this purpose. For example, when Chhanchhan comes down in the morning in a nightdress, everybody is shocked and Chhanchhan has to apologize for all this. So you can guess that there will be more such confrontations between a conservative household and a modern bahu.

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