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Hindi TV Serial – Bade Acche Lagte Hain – Getting into weirdness

Sometimes serial makers go into weird zones; with otherwise good relations showing being broken up by strange tactics and otherwise normal people behaving very weirdly, and all this because the makers of the show have to show some new story, something new to make the story continue. Would somebody even 2 weeks back have thought that the serial would show a string rift between Natasha and Priya, or that Natasha and Ayesha would become the best of friends and that Natasha would start taking family destroying advice from Ayesha. But apparently this is what the show is showing and one is pretty sure that this is the handiwork of Ekta Kapoor, since such major twists and turns are the hallmark of Balaji. Take the viewers down a line that they have not come to expect, even though it may not make much of sense. Are we to expect that Natasha is suddenly unaware of what Ayesha is upto, or has suddenly realized that her worst enemy is Priya, and that Ayesha will work to her favor, but that is what the serial is showing right now.
So, there are discussions between Ayesha and Natasha about how to ensure that Natasha gets what she wants, even though she believes that Priya will be upto something next in terms of scheming and she has to break that logic. For quite some time, because there is a lot of sympathy for her, Natasha has managed to persuade them to see her way, and also because Karthik is the brother of Priya, there is some suspicion about the actions of Priya. On the other hand, Priya is also very angry with Ram for not telling her that he was getting the police over and for the shooting of Karthik.
So, now apparently things are fine between Natasha and her inlaws, with the shooting of Karthik bring about peace between them even though Natasha was the one responsible for sending them to jail for some time. On the other hand, when Ayesha had come to the household for some time, Ram took the chance to tell her that even though he could not prevent her from going to her parent’s house, he wanted her to stay away from Natasha; at which Ayesha’s father decide to make things clear. He told Ayesha that he did not believe that she was clear or of good mind, and hence he told her that she was not welcome in the house, and that she should not come anywhere near the house again. Ram was happy at this action, since that is what he wanted.
However, Natasha has bigger things in her mind. She wants to even get more support her side, and asks Ram to make his position clear and make a choice, whether he is with Priya or with her. Ram is horrified at what she is saying, and is sure that her discussions with Ayesha are causing her to get so warped, and hence after Natasha pushes him for making a decision, he tells her that he is with Priya. But will this cause a divorce between Ram and Priya ?

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