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Hindi TV Serial – Ballika Vadhu – Sanchi tries to poison mind of Sumitra against Ganga

The serial is totally destroying the character of one of the main characters of the serial, Sanchi. She is so enamored of Jagya and the need to prevent anybody from coming close to him romantically that she resents tremendously Ganga being there, and even the praise that Ganga got from Lal Singh. For her, she needs to ensure that Ganga is put in her place, and since she anyhow sees Ganga as a traditional uneducated village lady, it is very easy for her to criticize Ganga. And, she is also able to use some amount of motherly love by implying that Jagya is in this condition because of being attacked by Ratan Singh, the husband of Ganga, who had threatened Jagya and who wanted his child back. At this, Sumitra starts behaving rudely towards Ganga, given that if this was the reason, then what Sanchi was saying about the contact with Ganga being dangerous for Jagya is true. Also, because of some past issues, there is a lot of apprehension in Sanchi that unless her relations and that of her mother with Dadis are resolved, and she is also able to make a place with them, she will not be able to make a place with Jagya. By now, Sanchi is sure that she wants to get married to Jagya, although her parents might think differently.
On the other hand, her mother Ira has also come to Jaitsar after hearing what all has happened. She was angry with her family for not telling her everything that happened with relation to Sanchi, and also angry with Anandi about not taking care of Sanchi (she needed somebody to blame, so Anandi makes a perfect person to blame). While here, she asks forgiveness from Dadisa for her last behavior with Dadisa, and they are back to having a normal relationship. Sanchi is very happy at this. After some time, Ira wants to go home and asks Anandi whether she will leave with them. Anandi agrees to this, although Sanchi is unhappy that she has not been offered the chance to stay for some more time, but she also knows that Ira will not agree even if she wants to stay for some more time.
Both Alok and Ira are incredibly surprised to see the apparent changes in Sanchi, particularly the fact that she was able to make some sort of food in the kitchen, that she was able to do Aarthi, and how in Jaitsar, everybody was so much in praise of her. Only Jagya was somewhat hesitant to have Sanchi around him. Back in Udaipur, when her family mentions that her new abilities will help in marriage, she shocks them all by stating that she will only marry Jagya, nobody else. Her family is ever of the background of Jagya, and even though he is not reformed, his past history was not something geared to put a parent in a lot of happiness.

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