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Hindi TV Serial – Pyaar Ka Dard Hai…Meetha Meetha – Finally it is revealed that Adi was the one responsible

The serial has been going through a different track for the past some weeks. When everything seemed to be fine after Anuj decided to go against whatever Sheila and Rubel wanted, and decided to give much more weightage to Adi and Avantika in the family property as well as in the building of the hospital named after his mother, Kaira was given the responsibility of deciding the next major episode of the serial. And what did she do ? She refused to let everything be happy, stating that she was angry over what happened to her dadi, and blamed the elder Diwan for killing his wife. Everybody was shocked, but then over a period of days and weeks, part of the truth started getting revealed, that the grandmother of the house was ill many years back and in great torment, and at that time, they decided that it was not right to keep her suffering since the best of medical attention was not able to provide relief to her and thus it was decided that the medical attention would be withdrawn from her, and this was known to only the children and their father – so Preeti, Anuj and Avantika knew all this, and decided finally to tell the rest of the family about this, looking for their support in this. However, Kaira was not happy with this, since she stated that it was not this, her grandfather was directly responsible for the death of his wife. This leaves everybody shocked, but all of them want to know the truth.
And then there is the blackmailing letter, but Nanaji says that he does not want to know who sent the blackmail letter, but Rubel even calls the police about the letter and they finally manage to get the police away from there. Next, they are trying to determine who could be the person who is behind the blackmail letter, and there is a lot of drama involved in this as well, with heated conversation in the house, and suspecting that the nurse who was taking care of the ill patient at that time could be responsible. Adi and Pankhuri try to pursue at that end while Sheila is trying to find the nurse to see whether she has a weapon.
And then it is determined that Shanky knows a lot about what happened, but hr refuses to say anything more about what happened. Rubel tries to apply pressure, but Nanaji gets sick and then the family pushes back on not knowing the truth, although Rubel is determined to find out more. HOwever, in the end, Pankhuri finally manages to get the truth, and it turns out that it was a young Adi, who came into the room, and by mistake, pulled the oxygen mask off her face, which resulted in her death. Pankhuri tells Avantika with a lot of hesitation, who initially refuses to believe it. However, when Rubel gets to know, what will he do ?

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