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Hindi TV Serial – Madhubala – Ek Ishq Ek Junoon – Confrontation between RK and Sultan

Things have suddenly taken a turn in a direction that no one would have anticipated. After all, even a month ago, the maximum extent that people would have gone to would have speculated that after taking revenge on RK, Madhu would be in a relationship with Sultan. However, in an indicator that how quickly serials can modify their stories and change things, the serial has taken a major new turn, in which it is indicated that the both RK and Sultan, who are bitter rivals and cannot stand each other, are actually step-brothers, with the difference being Sultan is an illegitimate son of RK’s father.
Once Sultan has learned the truth, and gets his mother out of the asylum where she is living, he decides that his mother needs the full status that she deserves, and the only way to get the status is from RK’s family. He comes to their home and starts living there, getting Dipali and Sikky out of their room. Radha is very perturbed about what is happening, and her condition worries everybody in the house. On the other hand, while Sikky is confused about what has happened, Dipali is happy that some new drama is happening, that some family skeletons are coming out of the cupboard and always on the lookout for how this can benefit her.
Madhu decides to approach Sultan about what is happening, although he does scorn her by asking whether she has come there on behalf of RK, for pleading with Sultan to leave the house. Madhu denies this, claiming that everything is a major misunderstanding, and so on. However, when Sultan repeats his claim that he is the son of Mohan Kundra, RK comes there and is furious. He tells Sultan that there is no proof, that what Sultan has heard is from the mouth of a drunkard, and even his mother is no proof; however Sultan tells him that he believes everything, and he will not rest till his mother has got her full rights.
RK then asks Bittuji to get his cheque book, and tells Sultan that he will give him a blank check, and Sultan can write whatever he wants in the amount column, as long as he leaves the house. So, since you have seen this scene in a number of movies, what happens next is that Sultan takes the check, and writes out the complete name of his mother, including the surname Kundra, and tells RK that all he wants is the name and rights of his mother, not money. And he also tells RK that it is a irony that of all the people in the world who could be his step-brother, it had to be RK. RK accuses him of manufacturing this moment since he could not prevent the marriage of RK and Madhu.

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