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Hindi TV Serial – Diya Aur Bati Hum – TV allowed in the house, but matka is the condition

Things are moving ahead in the quest for Sandhya to become a police officer. She had learned that Bhabho was totally against this and would even go to the extent of making her eat liquor chocolates so that Sandhya would not be in a condition to give the exam; Sandhya worries that Bhabho is also a mother to her, and why would she want to have such an ambition which causes Bhabho so much worries. However, Suraj is very encouraging and is willing to go against Bhabho for this ambition of Sandhya; and since he heard from the DCP that for the competition, Sandhya needs to have a lot current awareness, he decides to bring a newspaper and TV to the house even though Bhabho is very skeptical and not easily likely to give permission.
The guarantee however given by Suraj is very interesting though, he has put the 3d matka up as the guarantee to Bhabho, such is the measure of the confidence that he has in Sandhya, while she herself is plagued by doubts; with only the faith between them and his support being the confidence measure.
On the other side, Meena gets to see the other side of the boy vs. girl debate. She has taken Kanha for a shooting with the lie that he is a girl, and when Kanha passes urine on the assistant director, it gets determined during the cleanup that Kanha was a boy, while they were looking for a girl. When Meena tries to make the claim that a boy is better than a girl, she gets to hear back from the crew about how her claim is not true; in fact the shooting was itself to talk about the equality of the girl and the boy child. And even more shocking for Meena, it turns out that the girl child that was suitable for the shooting was Meera, her own daughter but who is with Daisa now.
There is some discussion when the TV comes into the house about which channels would be shown on it, but then seeing the discussion, Bhabho asks Suraj to put the TV in his room since it was meant for the preparation of Sandhya, and if she did not get access to the TV, she might claim later that this was a reason for her not to succeed.

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