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Hindi TV Serial – Pavitra Rishta – DK in hospital

Many serial makers, especially Balaji Telefilms, have a major arrow in their quiver to take care of when the story is dragging or the serial is losing TRP’s. They decide to make the serial go through time leaps, sometimes as large as 15-20 years. In these cases, the characters get aged, others are made to die off, but nothing else changes. The cars they use remains the same, the house remains exactly the same (with maybe given a different coat of paint to look like there is some change). And when a serial goes through multiple such time leaps, it gets weird. One of the biggest problems with time leaps is that actors who are playing young adults are suddenly asked to age, and either play older parents, or even asked to play grandparents. Many of them do not want to get type-cast with such a character, and decide to quit the serial. This is what is happening with Pavitra Rishta now, since the serial is supposed to take a 20 year leap in the new future, and some of the actors in the serial are wanting to jump ship and leave the serial.
The serial has suddenly taken a serious note. With the ongoing quest for the divorce of Ovi and Arjun, DK is feeling bad for his son and his current situation, although he is happy to see the love that Arjun has for Pari, his daughter. He talks to his dead wife’s photo, expressing his concerns for the current state of Arjun’s life and then Arjun comes in and sees that his father is unresponsive, and DK has had a major hear attack. DK is rushed to the hospital and the doctor declares the next 24 hours as critical for the health and life of DK. A lot of people come to see DK and Arjun in hospital, including Archana, Manav, and Purvi. Manav is concerned about the current state of Arjun, since he has not been behaving well with Arjun ever since there were differences between Arjun and Ovi, but also acknowledges that the responsibility for Arjun was given by Arjun’s mother, Ashna, to Manav. Archana comforts him that he did everything right.
ON the other side, there is Dr. Onir. Purvi was very angry over his acceptance to Purvi that he knew Shalini earlier, and told him that she was leaving him. And then the serial shows that this was all a stunt by Onir. He wanted Purvi to get married to Arjun, since he knew that they loved each other, and with Pari also being the common factor between them, it was natural for them to get married to each. One of the major problems in the way, Ovi was out since she was refusing to have a relationship with Arjun anymore and actually wanted a divorce with Arjun. Now if Onir was out of the way, then the marriage between Purvi and Arjun would be natural. However, with Purvi being so grateful to Onir for accepting her when she was alone and pregnant, it would have to be a major step for Purvi to leave Onir.

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