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Hindi TV Serial – Bade Acche Lagte Hain – Confrontation between Rishab and Ram

The serial is getting more and more weird. There are a lot of quotes about how the serial was supposed to take a leap for 20 years in July, with the break-up of the lead pair of Ram and Priya, and to be divorced. However, this plan got changed since there was a lot of critical feedback that viewers would not appreciate such a change in the serial, and hence the serial is trying to do a different story, and given the creators of the serial, they can show any twist in the serial.
So, they are showing some differences between Ram and Priya over Pihu entering a contest. Priya sees that Ram is using his money power to influence the contest, even if this is not being done deliberately; as a result, she feels that this will set a wrong precedent for Pihu and is against this, while Ram does not see anything wrong in this. He feels that it would be good for Pihu to take part in this contest and win it.
On the other side, since the aim of any serial is to show that there can be differences between any set of characters, even one such as close as Ram and Rishabh, so Rishabh is getting more and more separate from Ram, which is the game plan of Ayesha. Since Ram has the property of throwing away his property when it comes to any dispute or struggle, the aim is to get a dispute between Ram and Rishabh over the property, at which Ram will offer to give it all to Rishabh, and then Ayesha can do more in this area to eventually get control of the property. Somya is trying to get some reason into the minds of Rishabh, but for now she and Priya are following a strategy where Somwya is trying to incite Rishabh to make his own position and his own stand, and do something of his own rather than always being the follower behind his own brother. Not sure to viewers whether such a tactic would work.
On the other side, Natasha is facing a severe pressure. To everybody’s surprise, she very quickly adopted Karthik and Jhanvi’s son and started taking full care of the child, while at the same being clear that Priya is manipulating things, and this time she will ensure that the game plan for Priya is up and that Natasha will eventually get what she wants. HOwever, there was always the chance of Jhanvi coming back for her baby, since legally it is still her baby, and of course the serial decided to bring her back, and now there is tension in the house. Jhanvi wants her baby back while everybody is of the opinion that since she left the baby behind when she left, she cannot ask for the baby back now. When Priya also tries to reason with her, Jhanvi gets upset that it seems like Priya has been using her. And they are still showing Karthik sick, so when he finally gets up and sees what all has happened, wonder what the serial will show his reaction to be.

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