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Hindi TV Serial – Qubool Hain – Zoya pushed off the cliff but is saved by divine intervention

A cat apparently has 9 lives, and in the case of the serial, Zoya seems to fill that condition. She has been regularly attacked by Tanveer, but survives each time. Earlier occasions was when Zoya did not know what Tanveer upto, but later she figured out that Tanveer was upto no good in her quest to get Asad, and actually witnessed danger first hand, finally falling off a cliff. After Zoya saw Asad with Tanveer wearing just a bed sheet, she was shocked and the marriage was over. However, things went a bit strange after that. Zoya left the house and went to a ashram kind of place while Tanveer started claiming that her pregnancy was because of Asad. Asad was still searching for her, and finally finds her in Ajmer. They meet there and Asad finally tells her that he loves her, but she tells Asad that she cannot forget that she saw him and Tanveer together, and that was the death of their relationship.
Asad walked away from there, and they had a long sequence in the desert and sand, along with the song ‘Tadap Tadap’ from Hum Dil De Chuke Hain Sanam, and it was a long sequence. However, Zoya heard some people discussing a drug which would make the person forget everything for the past few hours, and given the conditions that she heard, she realized that this was what Asad was suffering. Now she wanted to convey the same to Asad, and tried calling him up and even left him a voice mail, but this was intercepted by Tanveer (it was very surprising that for a businessman such as Asad, anybody else could hear voice mails that were meant for him, and there was no security for the same). Tanveer makes another attempt by pretending to be a chain clad dummy who attacks Zoya with a sword. Finally they have a confrontation over a cliff, and Tanveer pushes Zoya down the cliff. She finally manages to get away from there by desperately clinging onto a cliff and then the chadar that Asad was carrying floats into the area and gets stuck on the cliff near where Zoya is hanging, and she is able to bring herself to safety. She is finally found and then makes it into the combined episode of Qubool Hain and Punar Vivah, and gets a strong speaking role in the combined episode.
On the other side, there is a new drama that has happened. Humeira had been lost, and was found after a crash. But the problem was that she did not anymore answer to the name of Humeira, and instead believed that she actually a Hindu girl called Rajni Shukla, who was married to a guy named Vikram. She did not react to the name of Humeira and once got angry when they tried to make her remember who she was. She even started wearing a different dress and putting sindoor in her hair, which caused shock to her parents and the others around. Even Ayyan was not able to make any impact to her. Also, in the tussle between Razia and Badibi, Razia is currently ahead since she has managed to put Badibi in a paralyzed kind of condition and is hiding her inside the house, but sooner or later Badibi is going to be found.

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