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Hindi TV Serial – Madhubala – Ek Ishq Ek Junoon – RK discovers that he is illegitimate, not Sultan

Things have got much more complicated in the story. Coincidences abound in Hindi serials so much that you wonder about how the serial writers expect you to believe everything. So, ever since RK had a confrontational relationship with Sultan, you knew that there would be more things shown between them, and so it happened. The serial then showed that Sultan finally discovered that his father was Mohan Kundra (Radhaji’s husband, and the father of RK). This was a shocker when Sultan got to know about it, and he wanted to ensure that his mother got all the rights that were due to her because of her relationship with Mohan Kundra. He even came to the house and started living there along with RK to ensure that his mother got all the rights due to him. Back and forth discussion between RK and Sultan, and Sultan and Madhu did not lead to any resolution of such issues. And Radhaji was determined that the memory of her late husband would not be tainted, and finally Sultan was persuaded to leave.
However, with Dipali in the house and her love for drama that did not affect her, things were bound to get more complicated, and so it happened. She finally provided Sultan the photo that proved that it was his mother who was the first wife of Mohan Kundra, which meant that Radhaji was the second wife, which also meant that RK was the one who was illegitimate, and not Sultan. RK discovered this when he saw this on media channels, and was shocked at all this. For him, it meant that whatever he held true was wrong, that his own father had wronged him to such a large extent. He grew depressed at all this and was not to be found in the house.
Madhu goes to Sultan to fight with him about all this, about why he did this to RK. Sultan justifies his action by saying that RK would have done exactly the same thing in his place, and then shock Madhu to a large extent by saying that RK stole his Madhu from him. Madhu is shocked by this statement of Sultan that he loved Madhu, and wanted her. She scolds him very harshly, claiming that not only had he deceived Madhu, but also deceived his own son Ayyan and the mother of his son. Finally she shows him her reaction to his statement by spitting on Sultan’s outstretched hand (Sultan had held out his own hand when he saw Madhu coming towards him).
Madhu and Bittuji located RK in the studio, drinking directly from the liquor bottle, and try to console him about everything; RK is now in the thought mode that everything will go away from him now.

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