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Hindi TV Serial – Diya Aur Baati Hum – A test for Emily and Sandhya

As usual, nothing is very easy for Sandhya, and so it happens in the serial. 2 of her matkas have already been broken and there is only one remaining. Bhabho is not interested in her continuing this quest for becoming a police officer, and Meena is on the quest, on the basis of a strong jealousy, to prevent Sandhya from succeeding in her quest. For this purpose, Meena will try everything. Another property of Meena is that she is extremely tight-fisted and would never give anything to anybody for free, and that is the competition that Bhabho sets for Sandhya and Emily. The quest is that they have to get Meena to give them a free saree, but without Meena knowing about the competition. Both know that it is not going to be easy, since getting Meena to give a free saree is next to impossible.
Emily and Sandhya try out their tactics; both of them trying different tactics. Emily first goes to Meena and praises her saree, and makes an offer that if Emily was to wear an expensive and well designed saree to the quiz, it would make a lot of difference in terms of marketing, and her shop would become famous. Meena thinks about this, but she is not about to hand a saree to Emily for free. Instead she reasons out that since Emily will not have the time to talk to other people about the saree, giving her pamphlets about the saree will be the right thing to do and Emily has to go back disappointed.
Sandhya on the other hand has a different tactic, relying on Meena’s wish to do ill to Sandhya. She goes there to the shop, admires a saree that Meena tries to sell to her for an inflated price, and just when Sandhya is about to take it, Sandhya withdraws and just as a hint, tells Meena that there is danger to Sandhya. This makes Meena very curious and she heads off to Suraj and tells him to take the saree and he gives her a 2000 rupee advance on the saree.
However, with Meena looking on, Sandhya meets Suraj and tells him that the previous 2 matkas only broke when she was wearing a saree from Meena’s shop and she will not make the mistake again. She tells Suraj to return the saree to Meena, which he does. Meena now believes that the saree would cause problems to Sandhya, and this was the gambit of Sandhya.
Both Sandhya and Emily are in the house, with neither of them having got a saree. Just then Meena comes in, and while Emily expects that Meena would give the saree to her (she almost managed to convince Meena after another trip to the shop), Meena comes and gives the saree to Sandhya, thus making Sandhya the winner. When Meena finds out the real status, she is horrified. The next day, she tries to again taunt Meena about the matka being broken, but Sandhya tells her that this time the matka will not break, no matter what happens.

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