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Hindi TV Serial – Qubool Hain – Asad declares his intention to marry Tanveer

The story goes on and on. One wonders when the story of Tanveer will get completed, will there be anything left in the serial. After all, just like other hindi serials, there are primarily 2 villains in the serial, Tanveer and Razia, and both of them keep on doing stuff and sometimes get caught, but most of the time they are not caught although there are people who are sure that they are upto no good. In the case of Razia, there are 3 people who know that she is bad, these being Ayyan, Badibi, and Rasheed. However, inspite of knowing all this, they continue to live in the same house as Razia and continue to suffer. From time to time, Ayyan is blackmailed through one tactic or another to announce his engagement and marriage to Humeira, but that track is not on for some time now, every since they showed that Humera has suffered amnesia and now considers herself to be a married Hindu girls. In this state of memory loss, she now dismisses anybody who comes to her saying that she is Humeira and the family is not telling her about Humeira anymore since that is making her disturbed.
The main story of Asad and Zoya continues with its twists and turns. Tanveer must be frustrated like anything, since everytime she makes an attempt to get Zoya out of the way and get herself back into the life of Asad, Zoya pops up again. Right now, after throwing Zoya down a cliff, she managed to make her way out of the trouble and back to the house. Tanveer was shocked to see and hear that Zoya was going to be the wife of Asad, and tries her next gamble. She talks to Asad about her pregnancy and uses the words like responsibility in front of Asad while telling him to go and marry Zoya. Of course, Asad believes that he is the father of Tanveer’s baby and cannot let he bring up the baby without support and help, and so goes and makes the proclamation that he will not marry Zoya, instead he will marry Tanveer. Everybody including his mother is shocked at this, also because he does not tell anybody about Tanveer’s pregnancy and the are not able to understand the reasons for his decision.
When Zoya confronts Tanveer, Tanveer tells her that if she wants to know about her father, she will not say anything else. However, Zoya tells her that she cannot believe anything that Tanveer says and that unless Tanveer has some proof, she will not believe anything that Tanveer is saying.
In the other household, Razia had put Badibi in a paralyzed kind of position, and told Rasheed that she has gone off to the house of relatives. This is causing her problems, since she had put Badibi in a cupboard, and the children have found the cupboard and suspect something. She is only able to prevent them from opening the cupboard in the nick of time, but now Rasheed is suspicious about where Badibi is, since the place where Razia said that she has gone told him that she had never come there.

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