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Hindi TV Serial – Sasural Simar Ka – Finally Veeru is shot by the cops, and Roli is found

The serial has been hiding Roli for a long time. They showed her as dead, having been shot and dies in the hospital. However, Simar was unable to believe this although the serial kept the story going for quite some time. But when the time came for Veeru to claim that since Roli was dead, all the property transfer is again changed and the property goes out of the hands of the Bhardwarj family and into the hands of Khushi and Veeru, there is a desperate need to get Roli back to prevent the family from being kicked out of the house. As a result, and in a remarkable coincidence that you can only see in Hindi movies or serials, Simar and Prem come across a singer and dancer called Jhumki and convince her to come to the house with them, to pretend being Roli. She agrees, although it is difficult to persuade her to change her behavior enough to be like what Roli was like.
Both Khushi and Veeru are convinced that Roli is dead and this is somebody else and try hard to get the truth to be revealed, but the fiction continues. Even the family does not know about this, although Siddharth does come to know about this, since the family was insisting that the intimate relations between a husband and wife in the case of Siddharth and Roli need to start. He is shocked by what he learns.
However, Veeru and Khushi are getting desperate to get the truth revealed and to prevent the property and business going away from them and kidnap Bantu, the brother of Jhumki. They tell her that unless she can get Simar to come with her to an old abandoned bungalow and then kill her, they will kill Bantu. As per the plan Simar and Jhumki reach the place where Bantu is being held, and then is a large amount of scuffle and some amount of violence. In the midst of all this, Khushi changes herself, claiming that although she wants money, she is not going to be a part of killing somebody and starts opposing. She had even phoned up the police and got them to come, and although there is a lot of scuffle, when Veeru points the gun at them, the police have arrived and shoot Veeru in the back and everybody is finally settled.
In the meantime, there was a function ongoing where it was proposed to have a second marriage of Roli and Siddharth (where the family members did not know that Roli was actually Jhumki) and since Jhumki and Simar were missing, things were getting anxious. Finally Simar reaches there and then shows off Roli to the family members who were shocked, since this was the first time that they got to know that there was somebody called Jhumki in the entire equation. They now want to know what was the reason for all this that was happening and now Simar has to explain all this to the family, and am sure that somebody or the other will want to scold Simar for whatever happened.

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