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Hindi TV Serial – Balika Vadhu – Sanchi marriage confirmed, Ratan Singh attacks the haveli

Things are getting more serious in the serial. Sanchi is being shown as very smart indeed. She wants to marry Jagya, but there is a realization in her that it will not be as easy as she wants. Hence, she has to first of all convince her family, she has to get Jagya’s family on her side as well, and also get the concurrence of Anandi in the entire episode, since all of these are people who can make things difficult if they do not agree.
So first of all, when she has gone to the haveli when Jagya was injured, she does her best to impress the people over there. She plays like a dutiful and well cultured lady (only showing her true colors when she is interacting with Ganga), and does her best to impress Sumitra and Dadisa, succeeding in both of these quests to a large degree. In the case of Sumitra, it even went further than that, since she manages to convince Sumitra that the attack on Jagya was because of the enmity of Ratan Singh, and hence because of Ganga; which turns Sumitra’s mind against Ganga. Dadisa is also impressed by her culture, her manners, her helping out in the kitchen and her adoption of Indian dresses (which she later admits to a friend was because of the need to impress them, she is not going to wear these Indian clothes as a matter of practice later).
Finally she is able to convince her family that they need to take the marriage proposal to Jagya’s house, and they are ready to do so partly because they feel that Jagya’s family will reject the proposal and that will be the natural ending to this quest of Sanchi. However, when they do go there on the occasion of Jagya’s birthday celebration, after a lot of thought, everybody agrees to this proposal. After this, when Anandi and Shiv change their mind and say that the proposal does not seem right, they are scolded by the rest of the family for changing their mind after everything is decided and that Sanchi is now firm in her proposal and it would not be right to go back now. But Sanchi also realizes that she needs to be good to Anandi for ensuring that the proposal does not see any problems going forward.
But the biggest piece of drama is yet to come. Ratan Singh is not satisfied, and he wants his son back; every time Ganga, backed by the haveli, has refused to return back the son, and any threats by him have not changed anything. However, this time he takes a different track, and organizes all his men to attack the haveli. They infiltrate the haveli and using their weapons, they have managed to bind together the people in the haveli. Only Dadisa and Ganga (along with her son) are not yet captured, and Dadisa know that they are looking for Ganga, and she tries to hide them in a large wooden box. What will happen next ?

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