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Hindi TV Serial – Qubool Hain – Finally the truth about Tanveer is revealed

The serial is now leaving its viewers very frustrated. How long can you make the same story go round and round, and the story of Asad, Tanveer, and Zoya keeps on going round and round. Tanveer wants to marry Asad, and Zoya also wants to marry Asad, and Asad wants to marry Zoya, but Tanveer is very ambitious at what she wants to do, and is much more cunning that the other 2, so the show keeps on showing that Tanveer keeps on defeating Zoya, but not to the fullest extent. So, while Tanveer makes attempts to kill Zoya after getting frustrated at not being able to get Zoya out of the window, Zoya survives even after falling off a cliff, or survives even when Tanveer attacks her with a sword, she had earlier tried to kill Zoya by getting her burnt in a gas explosion, tried getting her deported from the country, and yet nothing happens. Asad on the other hand does not worry about what happens, and even when he has been warned some time back that somebody from his home was working to get Zoya deported, he does not seem to do anything about finding out what was happening.
Now things seem to have been totally separated. Tanveer has managed to get Asad guilty enough about their intimate night, and promise that Asad will marry Tanveer since she is now pregnant. And for Zoya, Tanveer tells her that she will finally tells Zoya the name of her father but for that Zoya needs to keep quiet about whatever has happened. She does give a location where Zoya can find her father but Razia sees that Zoya is there and immediately rushes her husband out of there before he and Zoya can meet up.
Now, Zoya has to make a decision. Finally she decides that she cannot let Asad and the family suffer because of the lies being told by Tanveer, but for that she will have to give up the chances of finally getting to know who her father is. After thinking about this, she realizes that because of the need of her own answers, she cannot give up the prospect of helping somebody and hence decides to expose Tanveer and her lies. And then comes the chance – a report on the pregnancy of Tanveer, with the report revealing that the pregnancy was 12 weeks old, but the night between Tanveer and Asad was less than 12 weeks old, so this means that this was not the doing of Asad.
Hence, for the first time, they show Zoya directly going one up on Tanveer. Tanveer sees that the report is missing and finally tracks it down, and tries to burn it, smiling arrogantly in front of Zoya. Zoya picks up a mug of water and throws it on the report and on Tanveer, in an act of absolute contempt. And then they show Tanveer trying to burn Zoya when she was praying while on the ground, and Asad comes in and stop her.

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