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Hindi TV Serial – Ballika Vadhu – Finally Ratan Singh’s reign of terror ended

The serial showed the most danger ever to strike at the Singh household, with Ratan Singh determined to get back his son from Ganga, and also, since he has just come out jail, leave no witnesses for this crime. So, at a time when Jagya’s family had to go for the wedding of the family member of one of their guards, he used this occasion to get his men into the haveli, and then use force to ensure that he got his way. So, initially everything worked according to plan. He got his men into the house, got the members of the family all tied up; the only people remaining out of his clutch initially were Jagya, Bhairon, Dadisa, Ganga and her son. However, soon after his men got hold of Dadisa and threatened her to reveal the location of Jagya.
At this time, Jagya came into the haveli, and seeing what is happening, takes on Ratan Singh and his men, but Ratan Singh challenges him to single contact, and in the middle of the fight, uses a hard stick to hit Jagya on the back of the head. This causes Jagya to get badly wounded, and lie on the floor wounded, and everybody to get shocked. Ganga has seen this, and reacts from the top of the steps; telling Ratan Singh that she will get Munna and give him to Ratan Singh, but he needs to set the family free and leave them there. Both Jagya and Dadisa, although tied up, motion to her to not do this, but for Ganga, it is impossible to see Jagya in such a condition and she rushes up to get Munna. She gets Munna and gives him to Ratan Singh, who gets his men to tie up Ganga. He then tells them of his intention; since he is just out of jail, he cannot let them remain witnesses to whatever has happened, and tells them that he will pour kerosene in the entire haveli and burn it along with them. Dadisa seemed as if she knew that he would do something like this, although the others were shocked at his statement.
In the meantime, his father had called up one of the men in the house, who in a very low voice, tells him that Ratan has gone crazy and has beaten up the family members and wants to burn them all to death. His father is shocked, since he knows that such a thing will be the end of the family, since Ratan Singh will be jailed by the police for something like this. Also, in the meantime, his daughter-in-law is told to get ready for the arrival of the grandson, and after this, her own daughter will have no rights in the house. She protests at this, but is told that this is the way things are; she is not ready to take things lying down and runs away from the house.
Anandi is getting very worried, and has been phoning up everybody on this one. She called up Jagya earlier, then called up Bhairon and Sugna, and the entire effect of all this is that the police rush to the haveli before Ratan Singh can actually light up the kerosene, and shoot him in the hand, after which they take him away. Everybody is relieved, but this also causes Ganga to realize that her presence caused Ratan Singh to come there, and she decides to leave the place.

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