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Hindi TV Serial – Pyaar Ka Dard Hai…Meetha Meetha – Nanu dead, his will throws up a surprise

Mukesh Khanna had a great presence on TV and even his role in the serial showed a man who wanted his family together, but did not take decisive action many times when he saw something that disturbed him. So, in the initial stages of the serial, his daughter and her husband had separated, but he was unable to prevent this. He knew what was right and what was wrong, but was unable to do something when his son and grandson were going all out to divide the house and kick out his daughters from the house. The maximum he could do was issue threats, although the threat of leaving out his son and grandson from the property in his will was something that scared them and prevented them from taking direct action in one specific case.
But in the end, Mukesh Khanna would have finally decided that it was time for him to call it a day from the serial, and hence the time came for his character to bow out from the serial. So they showed a couple of episodes where he was satisfied that things were generally fine in the house, and then made remarks to the others which were in the nature of almost indicating that he was bowing out of the stage, and then in the next morning, he did not come out of the room and when Adi went looking for him, he was found dead. He had died peacefully in his sleep. Things were hectic in the serial after that, since there were a lot of emotions in the house because of his death, with everybody horrified at his departure.
Soon after, Rubel insisted that the will be disclosed to everybody and he wanted to know his equation in the house. This was a new will that was prepared by Purshottam Dewan just a day before he died, and Rubel was hopeful that since he believed he was behaving much better, he would get some good treatment in the will. Also, in the meantime, their chachaji Manik Dewan, the younger brother of Purshottam Diwan was also there in the house, but his wife was not present since he claimed that his wife was the one who had caused differences between the 2 brothers. There is some more discussion where Rubel is insisting that the will be read, but when Manik suggests that the will reading be deferred for later, Rubel turns on him and asks him about his status in the whole matter, this is after all a family matter.
The will is a shocker for everybody. Everybody knew that Pankhuri was well liked by Nanaji, but she was given 50% of the property and business, and the other 50% given to the younger brother Manik as well as the rider that all major business decisions could only be taken with the consent of Harish (which was very surprising to Harish as well, since he says that he is an actor, not a businessman). Rubel goes ballistic and wants to challenge the will in court, while his father, Anuj does not want to do so, since this was the last wishes of his departed father and he will accept those.

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