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Hindi TV Serial – Ballika Vadhu – Ganga helps deliver the baby, Sumitra getting hyper

The serial is getting towards another decision point. Ever since Sanchi had been to the haveli and had a lot of time to show herself as the perfect Indian bride, she had managed to form a bond with Sumitra. Further, conscious that Ganga was there in the house, Sanchi had managed to put the seeds of a anti-Ganga feeling in the minds of Sumitra, by claiming that the previous attack on Jagya was because of Ratan Singh, which was in turn because Ganga was the wife of Ratan Singh; so every such problem that Jagya and the family were going through was because of the presence of Ganga in the house. Sanchi had also done the same in her house, with her mother convinced that before Sanchi goes to the Singh household, Ganga would need to go from the house. And then, after the hard attach by Ratan Singh and his men on the house, which was finally prevented by the police reaching there, Ganga started feeling bad that it was because of her that the family was targeted, and decides to leave the house. Sumitra does not make much of an effort to stop her from leaving, although both Bhairon and Jagya are very angry over this. When Anandi heard about this, she was also very angry since Ganga had left with her young child at night, and Anandi was very angry about how they could let her go at this time of night.
And then, things change when Gehna reaches the time of delivery, and she is rushed to the hospital. However, neither of the 2 doctors is there in the hospital at that point of time, although Ganga is there. Both Gehna and Basant are shocked to see Ganga there, since she was apparently supposed to have left and nobody knew where she was (although Jagya had managed to find her and told her to stay in the hospital for now until she left for her further studies). Ganga quickly handles the situation, and like the scene in the movie 3 Idiots, she gets Jagya to do the delivery from a distance, by coordinating with him over phone and using the laptop, and manage to deliver a healthy baby girl. But Jagya tells them to not tell anybody about the presence of Ganga here, since he knows that his mother is getting hyper over Ganga being there.
After the delivery, there is a lot of happiness, but Sumitra sees a letter for Ganga’s divorce which Jagya takes, and she is hyper over whether Jagya was still in touch with her. Jagya replies that he was responsible for her safety since he was the one who told her to rebel from Ratan Singh, and he would do what he wanted. And then Sumitra sees Ganga’s son and then sees Ganga in the hospital, and comes screaming at Jagya. He tells her that she is hyper without reason, she does not remember what all Jagya did, and then finally Basant comes into the discussion and tells Sumitra about what Ganga did to save the life of Gehna and her young child, and how everybody owes her a great debt. However, Sumitra is still very angry, and when Dadisa is discussing what happened with Bhairon, he is very angry at Sumitra’s attitude and reaction and decides to talk to her about this; but then Dadisa tells Bhairon that she will speak to Sumitra about this.

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